Grieving the Loss of a Grandparent

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Grieving the Loss of a Grandparent
Grieving the loss of a grandparent
“Because [grandparents] are usually free to love and guide and befriend the young … without having to take daily responsibility for them… they can often reach out past pride and fear of failure and close the space between generations.”    Jimmy Carter, American president

If you are like me, my grandmother and grandfather held a very special place in my heart. The loss of my grandparents, to me, meant the loss of a very special kind of love.

In today’s society, I work with many young individuals that have taken care of their grandparents… though illness and aging.

I also find that the loss of a grandmother or grandfather often stirs up feelings of guilt. Many feel that they let life get in the way of visiting as often as they should. Some feel as if they neglected to visit as often as they should have or did not call as often as they should.

The loss of a grandmother or grandfather may also mean the loss of the wisdom and… common sense advice they may have shared, do to their own life experiences.

Begin your healing by sharing here with others that have also lost a grandparent. You will find comfort and support with others having similar experiences.

The death of a grandparent may also strip up feelings on your own mortality.

Ready to start sharing …

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“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.”
Alex Haley, American author

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