What Is Dementia?

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is one of the world’s fastest growing diseases. One in twenty over the age of 65 years old and one on five over the age of 80 will develop some type of dementia. Of the 4 million individuals newly diagnosed with dementia, 70% live at home and are receiving care from family and friends. Dementia is not a normal part of aging. It is important for the care giver/care partner to realize that from the time of diagnosis to death may be as short as a few years to as long as 20 years.

The most common complaint of families is the lack of understanding and support from the medical community. This guide was developed to help “you” the family care partner to become a confident expert in dementia care.

This book provides accurate and up to date information and step-by-step strategies those individuals with dementia and their family care partners can use to avoid the potential pitfalls and devastating effects of this condition. I understand that there is fear and concern over not knowing what to expect, how to cope and fear of what the future may bring.

Dementia care begins with a clear understanding of the disease. A family care partner often makes promises to take care of a family member. They often do not know what lies ahead. There are many negative effects to care giving  one third of all care partners report income at or below poverty level. Fifty percent of all family care partners become seriously ill or die before that person with dementia.

It is the goal of this book to provide strategies, tips and recommendations’ in plain simple language and provide you with the information you will need to:

Understand the tests necessary to diagnosis and determine if it is dementia and the specific type of dementia
Become aware of the medical conditions that may cause a reversible type of dementia
Offer practical solutions for managing memory loss
Assess your family members ever changing needs, while maintaining their dignity.
Plan for future dementia care needs with confidence
Ensure the safety of your family member as they progress through the stages of dementia
Understand the purpose of memory testing and the pros and cons of those tests.
Learn strategies to help cope with managing the day-to-day symptoms of this disease.

This is a "care partner” friendly guide that promotes quality of life for the person with dementia, as well as for the care partner, as dementia care is challenging. Offering practical and real life advice on how to prepare and cope with the personality and behavioral changes that occur throughout the stages of dementia.

Identifies the progression of the abilities and functions that a person will loose and how to focus on what a person is able to do – Not on the functions they have lost. Educating the family on the need to make adaptations, home modifications to simply the home environment to decrease distractions and stress.

This book was developed as one of a series of books to be a working guide to support the person with newly diagnosed dementia and their family members approach the future with knowledge and confidence.

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