Planning in Advance

Planning in Advance for Your Home Health Care Needs Will Give You Peace of Mind and Act as a Valuable Guide For Your Caregiver and Family Members…

Home Care Benefits

Consider a family meeting to discuss home care benefits, informal or formal, and address the issues of what is most important to the aging adult. The primary of goal of this meeting should be to involve the aging adult in a process to help them identify issues and specific needs before an emergency or crisis situation develops.

A Guide for Successful Aging In Your Home

Professional Health Care Options

How to choose the proper services and levels of care

Home Health Care Planning
One of the biggest mistakes people make is not planning ahead for their health care as they are aging. You must get organized and get certain important documents in place to protect yourself and insure your desires are carried out in case of severe illness or disability. Just this one step of planning now can save you years of frustration and aggravation later on in your life.

Advanced Directives
An advanced directive is a legal document allows you to make your medical /healthcare wishes known to your family, friends and medical personnel you would want in the event you become unable to make decisions for yourself.

What is a Health Care Proxy?
A health care proxy or durable power of attorney is a person chosen by you to make your medical decisions in the event you are unable to do so. Generally, you would ask a family member or trusted friend to represent your preferences when you can no longer do so.

Planning Funeral Arrangements
This is a very difficult topic for many, but planning some of the details can be a great relief to your survivors. A funeral is one of the most stressful and expensive consumer purchases a family can make.

Important Financial Issues Regarding your Home
The inability to continue to live safely in your home increases the chance of accidents, injuries, cost, possible disability and often undesirable expensive institutionalization. Successful aging at home usually translates into how one can stay in their homes longer and safer.

Aging Baby Boomers
Aging baby boomers are caring for aging parents. Many older seniors do not want or feel comfortable relying on strangers.

Baby Boomer Generation
Some of us from the baby boomer generation are caring for aging parents, a growing family and working. Studies show that family caregivers loose 75% of their earning potential for every year that they are not in the work force.

Planning in Advance Means Making Your Home Your Partner

Adaptations to the Home for Dementia