We Elderly Care

At We Elderly Care, our mission is to assist individuals in maintaining their independence while staying in the comfort of their own home. Our services include homemaker/companion, CNA, LPN, and RN care in Lake Wales, Florida and surrounding counties.

We Elderly Care
Home Health Agency for Seniors

At We Elderly Care, we are a dedicated and compassionate Home Health Care and Home Medical Supply company headquartered in the heart of Lake Wales, Florida. Our services extend across a wide coverage area, encompassing Polk, Hardee, Highlands, Osceola, Orange, and Seminole counties.

Our mission at We Elderly Care is to empower individuals to maintain their independence while enjoying the comforts of their own homes. Our team of professionals, including Homemaker/Companions, CNAs, LPNs, and RNs, is committed to providing exceptional care and support to our clients.

Our Homemaker/Companions offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • House Cleaning
  • Shopping
  • Meal Preparation
  • Chores
  • Errands
  • Transportation and Accompaniment to Appointments
  • Grooming
  • Stabilizing Assistance (e.g., holding a hand or arm for support)
  • House or Pet Sitting
  • Travel Companionship
  • Post-procedure Assistance at Home
  • And more

Our CNAs, in addition to the services provided by our Homemaker/Companions, also offer:

  • Mobility and Transfer Assistance
  • Dressing/Undressing
  • Bathing
  • Feeding
  • Personal Hygiene Support
  • Medication Reminders (as permitted by regulation)

Our skilled LPNs and RNs offer specialized services, including:

  • Case Management
  • Home Safety Evaluations
  • Medication Management
  • Routine Assessment
  • Routine Catheter Care
  • Blood Draws
  • Specimen Collection
  • Wound Care

For more details and information, please visit the We Elderly Care website at http://www.weelderlycare.com or contact us at 863.676.1120 or Toll-Free at 800.518.0403.

At We Elderly Care, we place quality and the well-being of our clients above all else. Our commitment to compassionate care is led by Laura Kingsley, RN, GCM, Owner, right here in Lake Wales, Florida. Your health and happiness are our top priorities.

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Bonus Article

Elder Care at Home: Ensuring Safety, Comfort, and Independence for Aging Adults

In the ever-evolving landscape of health care and lifestyle choices for older adults, the preference to age gracefully in the comfort of one’s own home has gained significant traction. Elder care at home, a comprehensive approach that encompasses a wide range of services from personal care to specialized health care, offers aging adults the dignity of independence combined with the safety and support they need. This article delves into the intricacies of at-home care for the elderly, highlighting the roles of professional caregivers, geriatric care managers, and the broad spectrum of in-home services designed to enhance the quality of life for older adults and provide peace of mind for their families.

Personal Care Services: The Foundation of At-Home Elder Care

At the heart of elder care at home lies personal care services, aimed at assisting older adults with daily living activities that may have become challenging due to age-related issues. Personal care encompasses a variety of tasks including bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and light housekeeping. These services not only ensure the basic health and hygiene of aging adults but also contribute significantly to their overall well-being and quality of life, allowing them to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

Professional Caregivers: The Pillars of Support

Professional caregivers and care providers play a pivotal role in the delivery of at-home care services. These dedicated professionals, often with backgrounds in nursing or social work, offer not just medical support but also companionship, ensuring that older adults receive holistic care. Rigorous background checks and assessments are conducted to ensure that caregivers are not only qualified but also compassionate and trustworthy, making the family members feel secure about their loved one’s safety.

Geriatric Care Managers: Navigating the Maze of Elder Care

Geriatric care managers, specialized in geriatric care, are invaluable assets for families navigating the complex world of elder care. They work closely with the family and the care recipient to assess needs, plan care, coordinate with healthcare providers, and monitor the quality of care. Their expertise in the field allows them to recommend the best home care services, assist in managing the financial aspects of care, and even provide coverage for family members needing respite care.

Specialized Care and Health Care Services at Home

In-home care is not limited to personal care services; it also includes specialized care for conditions such as Alzheimer's, hospice care for end-of-life support, and regular health care for monitoring medical conditions. These services enable aging adults to receive the same level of care they would at a nursing home or an assisted living facility, but in the familiar and comforting environment of their own home. Regular medical appointments and health monitoring are facilitated by home health care professionals, ensuring timely medical intervention when necessary.

Community Services and Resources: Extending the Support Network

Beyond the confines of the home, community services and resources play a critical role in supporting older adults and their caregivers. Local community centers, social services, and social workers provide access to social activities, support groups, and other services that promote the well-being of seniors and their families. These resources offer valuable information and assistance, helping families make informed decisions about care and support options available to them.

Financial Considerations: Planning for In-Home Care

Understanding the financial implications of in-home care is crucial for families. Many older adults have long-term care insurance that provides coverage for home care services. Families must also consider the costs associated with hiring professional caregivers and purchasing any necessary medical equipment. Geriatric care managers and social workers can provide detailed information on community resources that offer financial assistance or subsidized services, making in-home care a viable option for many.

The Benefits of Aging in Place

The concept of aging in place, or remaining in one's own home while growing older, brings numerous benefits. It allows older adults to maintain a sense of independence and control over their lives, fosters better mental health by keeping them in a familiar environment, and can even have positive effects on their physical health by reducing the stress associated with moving to a new and unfamiliar place. Moreover, it enables families to stay closer, strengthening bonds as they work together to support their aging loved ones.

Embracing the Future of Elder Care at Home

Elder care at home presents a compassionate, dignified alternative to traditional nursing homes or assisted living facilities. It reflects a shift towards more personalized, patient-centered care, acknowledging the unique needs and preferences of older adults. With the support of professional caregivers, geriatric care managers, and a wide array of home care services, families can ensure that their aging loved ones continue to live their golden years with the safety, comfort, and independence they deserve. As our population continues to age, the demand for quality in-home care services is set to grow, signaling a future where aging in place becomes the norm, rather than the exception.