SHOUT FOR JOY Faith in Caregiving

In her Faith and Caregiving post this month, Veronica Badowski reminds us all of the importance of seeking support for caregivers includes leaning on our faith.

SHOUT FOR JOY Faith in Caregiving
Shout For Joy! Faith in Caregiving
In her Faith and Caregiving post this month, Veronica Badowski reminds us all of the importance of seeking support for caregivers includes leaning on our faith and accepting that we, too, are human. I am blessed to have Veronica Badowski, author of,Treading Water with God, Lessons in Love While Care Giving, and Holding on with God: Encouragement for the Caregiver to be a regular contributor for this site. I hope you will find her posts inspiring and comforting.


Psalm 33:1 (GNT)

“All you that are righteous,

shout for joy for what the Lord has done;

praise him, all you that obey him.”

What is one thing the Lord does for you on a regular basis that makes you want to shout for joy?


On those mornings when our assistant had a day off it was an effort to get out of bed and get myself over to the other side of the house to take care of my parents. What I would have preferred to do was pack my bags and run away to a warm, faraway island. And the last thing I wanted to do was sing joyfully to the Lord. Somehow, though, I chose to do what was right by making my feet move toward their side of our house. Once again, I continued to be my parents’ caregiver, knowing I was pleasing the Lord and loving them.

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    In truth, I always felt this job as caregiver was difficult, not joyful, but I discovered acceptance was the key to being happier and more peaceful. Whenever I accepted this responsibility as God’s will for this season of my life, I was able to do the work with a measure of enthusiasm.

    On those extra difficult days, there’s no way we are able to reflect God’s love without Him opening our energy channels so we can move forward and do what we know is His will. Praying, singing an upbeat praise song, and reading a favorite scripture can change our mood for the better, so we need to take a few minutes and just do it! As we meditate on God’s goodness and also praise Him, we will regain the desire to do what is right. Our God will equip us to be obedient to His call; He is faithful.

    Today I am Grateful book
    Have an Attitude of Gratitude, Keeping a Journal


    Recently, what have you accomplished for no other reason than it was the right thing to do?


    Almighty God, Great Provider, I come to You this day weary and drained. I long for Your presence. Come into my heart, and fill me with joy. Revive my spirit, Holy One, so Your unlimited love may be reflected in my obedience. I praise You this day and every day. AMEN

    Let's shout with joy for all the amazing things the Lord has done for us.
    And all you who obey Him, let's give Him some well-deserved praise.
    What a powerful verse, right?

    Books By Veronica Badowski :

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    Treading Water with God, Lessons in Love While Caregiving

    Holding on with God:Encouragement for the Caregiver

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