Gifts For Seniors with Dementia

Discover unique and practical gift ideas for seniors with dementia that can make their daily life easier. From environmental gifts to sensory experiences and medical alert bracelets, these suggestions can help improve safety and comfort for those with memory impairment.

Gifts For Seniors with Dementia
Gifting Comfort and Connection to Those with Dementia


Welcome to gifts for seniors with dementia presented by caregiver relief. Gifts for seniors with memory impairment may no longer be the typical gift of jewelry or tickets to a movie or a play. There are gifts that can be appropriate. It might even make daily life easier. Consider environmental gifts as dementia progresses person with dementia.

Experiences the environment differently due to changes in their brain. This can make it harder for them to get around and interact with the environment. Here are a few gift ideas that could help using a dark towel in the bathroom. Individuals with dementia have trouble seeing and finding objects that blend into the background.

For example, a light colored towel against the white bathroom floor may not be seen. A dark colored towel will stand out and be seen quite easily consider raising up the legs to the height of chairs or the sofa as we age weakening muscles cause problems with balance. Those with dementia may have trouble knowing exactly how to line up their body, to the chair.

Having a chair or sofa that is raised higher, may help the person get in and out more safely. Consider nightlights or motion sensor. Finding a bathroom at night can be difficult in the dark nightlights or sensor lights that go on. When the motion is detective can help prevent accidental falls. Consider a medical alert, bracelet, a medical alert bracelet procedure provides vital information in an emergency initial responders, physicians and parents.

Can quickly respond with confidence about your condition and diagnosis. Consider sensory gifts, gifts that stimulate the senses. Touch hearing, sight and taste can be a good fit for individuals at even the later stages of dementia. Here are a few suggestions.

aroma therapy, gifts, lavender scented lotions. Spritzes of lavender on a pillow can be relaxing and calming lemon scented washcloths to wipe the face during the day can brighten the mood and help a person feel refreshed music, create a song book by downloading your family. Favorite music download to an iPod or an MP3 player for them to listen to this encourages memory and can be quite calming.

Make your family members’ favorite food. If at all possible, allow them to help. Even if it is just stirring in the ingredients, people with dementia live in the moment, reminiscing while eating can be a great in the moment.

Create and about me photo album. This is a great opportunity to start a person centered profile and have fun doing it. Place old photos with some written information on each page. This is a great way for others to sit and reminisce as the dementia progresses. Consider baby doll therapy. Many with dementia, want to take care of someone or something.

A baby doll or a stuffed animal such as a cat or a dog provides comfort and promotes a sense of wellbeing. Create the negativity today. Also known as a rummage bag, put various items with different textures in a pillowcase or a beach bag include a sealed sat in bay containing movable marbles, strands of textured ribbons, a loop of wonderful, colorful wooden.

Purchase colorful letters or numbers and have them spell words or separate into colors or into the individual letters and numbers. Sorting is such an enjoyable activity in the middle stages of dementia, sorting buttons or coins into a muffin. Tin is a great activity. Cognitive style gifts. In the early stages of dementia, classic movies and TV shows are much appreciated.

Exercise is important at all. Stages of dementia considered the we for playing games such as bowling, large piece puzzles are good for the early to mid stages of dementia. Have problems may from your favorite photos to encourage reminisce. We’re the middle to late stages of dementia, nature, videos, or videos that stimulate the visual and auditory senses such as travel videos or documentaries are a great gift.

Old radio or TV shows such as Lawrence Welk for all stages of dementia or another great gift medication management systems help remind the person with dementia to take their meds. There are a variety of different systems in different price ranges that can help a person main independence for as long as possible.

And these are usually your used in the earlier stages of dementia. Gardening kits are great for the person who loves to garden is a great gift. Even in the middle stages of dementia children’s toys that are colorful and encourage use of hands and movement are great. Yeah. Things take on novelty as dementia progresses, and these are great gifts to encourage them to do things with their hands, painting, drawing supplies, or even sculpting supplies are a way for those with dementia to express themselves, even when they can no longer find the word, consider gifts to promote safe.

You have to promote fall prevention, such as the new gadgets smart gate. Seeing your chair, exercise DVDs to promote balance sculpt guard on shower to prevent burns and investigate systems that shut off the stove. When left unattended. If you’ve got a cook in the family, a visit from a loved one, holding hands, enjoying coffee, or taking it away.

Can be the most perfect gift of all.

Gifts for Seniors with dementia suggestions:

Exercise therapy products for hand products, strength and balance products

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