Rummage Bags Dementia Decrease Stress and Anxiety

A dementia patient's life can be made less stressful with the use of rummage bags. Learn how to make a rummage bag and how it calms individuals.

Rummage Bags Dementia Decrease Stress and Anxiety

Rummage Bags Dementia to Decrease Stress and Anxiety in Middle to Late Stages of Dementia

Challenging behaviors such as paranoia, rummaging and anxiety can occur with an individual suffering from dementia. As dementia progresses an individual lose the ability to communicate and their ability to understand may also decline.

An individual in the mid to late stages of dementia or other forms of memory loss may be found frantically searching for things they believe they have misplaced or lost. Some actually insist that their things have been stolen and may even accuse their family caregiver of taking the items.

Many times the item they are looking for is not lost at all, it may be an item that they had years ago. It is during these times that the person with dementia may be focused on finding that missing object and become very frustrated, accusatory and angry. Others may just become anxious and aggravated.

An activity or rummage bag may be the answer to help the person with dementia cope and distract them. This is a small, reusable bag that has a drawstring or Velcro for closing. Inside the activity bag should be things with different textures that the person with dementia may feel and interact with others around them. Items inside the bag may be a small comb, tissues, and a small purse size photo album with pictures of family members, pets or past hobbies, a colorful plastic block or ball.

It is really important to be able to personalize the bag to the individual. If they were a man that worked with tools- then lightweight plastic tools, even ones from a child’s play set may be suitable.  For a gardener, plastic garden set. Things with different textures and fabrics have different “feels” to a person and may actually calm a person. Include fabrics that have soft and rough textures or small beanbags add different dimension to the activity bag.