Feeding tube at home care

Learn about the importance of education and support for feeding tube care at home. Discover the responsibility of hospitals and the benefits of a referral to palliative care. Learn more from Diane Carbo, RN.

Feeding tube at home care
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I need to know if you need to go to class to learn how to feed a patient with a feeding tube at home care.



Jeanne, thank you for this question. Our present medical delivery system is sending patients home with the family caregiver preforming many tasks without support of education.

It is the hospitals responsibility to provide education and support on the care of the tube and how to give the feedings.  Some patients are able take do it on their own, once they are properly trained.

There should have been a home health care referral or a referral to palliative care to train and support the patient and family.

I always recommend that a referral to palliative care be made. It is a bridge for recovering, as well as support for those with a chronic illness.

I have included a link to the Pro’s and Cons Of Feeding tubes. https://caregiverrelief.com/pros-and-cons-of-feeding-tubes-in-the-elderly/

-Diane Carbo, RN