Family Tree Research – What’s In Your Family Genealogy?

Learn about the many resources available for genealogy research, including online communities, free services, and tips for organizing your information. Discover the rewards of uncovering your family tree and how to verify the legitimacy of your findings.

Family Tree Research – What’s In Your Family Genealogy?
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Years ago, family tree research could be a time-consuming labor of love. Today, genealogy provides multiple levels of rewards. Depending on how much or how little time you wish to invest in the hobby. Uncovering the roots of your family tree can be as easy as a mouse-click away.

What You Need to Know

The more details you have the better your chances of finding your ancestors:

  • Surnames are an excellent starting point for family tree research. The more surnames from your ancestry you can include… the more results whether you are searching for information online or on foot.
  • Dates – Birth dates, marriage dates, and death dates narrow searches even more.
  • If you happen to know the county and/or state of birth… for a particular family member, then the range is narrowed yet again.

A good place to start is by talking to other family members. And looking in important books handed down from generation to generation. This may be a Bible or other religious publication.

Even without extensive information, though, you can begin working on your personal genealogy.

Have more questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Question section of the website. You will find a lot of different questions answered directly.

Family History Forms

Genealogy is not just for royalty any more. With something as basic as a pedigree chart.. you can begin to fill in the empty spaces of those who, until now, have remained mysteries wrapped in history. is an excellent free family tree research source. And you can get blank family tree research forms.

Free Genealogy Forms

Whether you keep your forms as a ;

file on your computer

Print them or

Manually fill in the information…it is an important resource in staying organized.

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Online Communities

With as little as… the names and basic information about your parents… a wealth of information is waiting to be discovered via online communities. is one of the most popular genealogy sites. Stating they are the world’s largest online family history resource. While offering basic, free searches… for a monthly subscription fee, you can access all American files.

For a larger monthly fee, they have a global membership. Which lets you search records worldwide from participating countries. Birth records from Ireland or marriage dates from Germany … have never been easier to find and add to your personal family tree research.

Another feature of this community is the ability to access … public family trees of fellow members to the community. Personal stories and pictures of your closest relatives await your discovery.

Free services

More and more counties across the country… are allowing database searches of their public records. is another excellent internet community. Offering many search options at no charge. Associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints… known for their extensive, global genealogy project, this site is friendly and extensive.

Visiting a Family History Center… (there are over 4500 worldwide)… is an exciting prospect for an outing. And it is no longer necessary to be a member of the church to access their family history information.

Find a Family History Center near you.


Finding family trees already completed online is exciting. And saves you a lot of time and energy in doing the research yourself. But exercise caution and common sense.

Even very credible sites, like do not validate the accuracy… of member-created family trees.

So, if you see you are related to King Henry VIII of England through a member-created pedigree chart… but … can’t find any historical or legal evidence to support the various branches of that tree.. you’ll still want to invest the time to secure copies of actual records.

The most common avenues for proving your genealogy are via

  • birth records
  • marriage records
  • census records
  • death records

While family tree research is a hobby that transcends generations… filling in the puzzle pieces of your ancestry.. may come more naturally to seniors, because of the value of legacy.

Activities for senior citizens are important for good physical and mental health. This particular activity becomes a gift for the whole family. History is a precious gift, but personalized history is priceless.

Let's talk about DNA testing

Discover the Power of DNA Testing

Unlock the secrets of your past, connect with relatives, and trace your family history with DNA testing. It's a thrilling journey that can break down brick walls in your research and provide answers about your ancestors. Plus, it's fun! Find out which test is right for you, how to make the most of your matches, and what those intriguing ethnicity results really mean.

Uncover New Leads with DNA Matches

Don't hit a dead end in your research! Use your DNA matches to generate new leads and overcome obstacles. Explore your matches' family trees to find common ancestors and valuable information. The more people who test, the more matches you'll discover, helping you learn even more about your heritage. Encourage your relatives to join in the testing too, solving family mysteries that your own DNA may not be able to.

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    Compare Your DNA Results to Your Family Tree

    Even if you have a well-established family tree, your DNA results can reveal fascinating insights. Compare your genetic tree to your genealogical tree to see what DNA you inherited from different branches of your family. Explore the connections and discover the unique traits passed down through generations. It's a whole new perspective on your family history.

    Unveil Your Ancestral Origins with Ethnicity Estimates

    Get ready to be amazed by your ethnicity estimates! Find out where in the world your DNA comes from with colorful and captivating results. Discover your ancestral roots and how migration patterns shaped your genetic makeup. Keep in mind that these estimates are constantly evolving as more people test their DNA. They provide valuable clues to your heritage, but remember to consider other evidence as well.

    Embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery through DNA testing. Connect with your past, uncover hidden stories, and celebrate your unique heritage. Get started today and unlock the mysteries of your DNA.

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