Is A Family Caregiver Contract Necessary?

Learn about the benefits and steps to create a family caregiver contract for aging parents. Understand the expectations of the caregiver and care recipient, and avoid potential legal issues with the help of an eldercare law attorney.

Is A Family Caregiver Contract Necessary?

Many  primary caregivers are investigating means to apply a family caregiver contract. Maturing child boomers are taking care of their older parents. As well as planning to invest for their own later years in their home and community. Locating the best home health aides needed may be difficult. Most elders do not desire or feel comfortable depending on unfamiliar people.

If you have not investigated a family caregiver contract, you should  learn the the benefits  of a created agreement. This will help aging child boomer as well as the aging family member  to have a expectations of the caregiver/care recipient agreement.

Family participants offer the majority of care provided for the.. older senior citizens in their lives. With the changes in the economy… lots of household members are discovering the choice… of getting paid for caring for their aging elderly. The elderly also benefits having a reputable family caregiver offer care for them.

A family caregiver contract can help an older elderly family member stay in their home. It also safeguards the assets from nursing house prices. Many family members give care on a casual basis and do not expect or call for repayment. Other relatives make sacrifices and would enjoy payment, however moderate it may be.

To carry out a family care giver contract need to to:.

Prepare for the future and obtain the necessary documentation. Check out that below.

Speak to an elder care law attorney.

Keep in mind.. you can not establish a family caregiver contract for services preformed in the past. In short, you can not charge for services to secure the present assets. There are very meticulous rules and regulations… that you need to comply to. Having the proper paperwork in place… will reduce and avoid unneeded caregiver anxiety in the future.

A formalized contract needs to be specific about :

The obligations of the family primary caregiver

The expectations of the care recipient.

For this function, having an eldercare law attorney will be helpful. The legal representative can help the family approach this in a business like way. Doing this, all parties that involved  will have an understanding of… the type of care provided and the expenses for the services.

It is important to keep involved and uninvolved relatives notified.

Having a family caregiver agreement in place will:

Allow those relative that do not want to or are incapable to offer care

And provide knowledge about effective ways the funds are being used.

For the relative that gives a majority of the care provided:

It reduces feelings of animosity, aggravation and anger that build up… with uninvolved siblings and expanded family members. The family caregiver contract provider that tackles most of the responsibility… could take advantage of the long hours they provide care.

When it comes to money and how the assets of the senior are being invested… uninvolved family members have a tendency to become unraveled.

Mistrust and anger are not unheard of for family members providing the care to have to withstand. Having a family caregiver contract can permit the senior to use their assets…  to stay in their home and get quality care.

It also makes it possible to reward the person that is giving that care. This can give the senior family members caregiver with protection … in the event that the other family members pursue legal action after the senior is deceased. It is regrettable, but it does occur a lot more frequently than you think.

Determine future care necessities.

When developing the family caregiver contract, recognize your limits. Consider what you can do and what you cannot do. It may be you cannot take care of your family member when :

They become incontinent of bowel and bladder.

They become physically aggressive

They become sexually aggressive.

Become unable to walk or get out of bed.

You should be able to state, “I could not care for you when you reach this level.” Or, say,” I will need help in the home, to help me help you.”

This will provide the aging senior a certain understanding of what they can expect from you.

It will prepare your family member for the time when they may be admitted… to an alternative level of care: Assisted Living or nursing home. Keep in mind right here, that there could come a time when you, the primary caregiver will need to agree to manage and advocate the care.

The time may come when you will have to work with outside caregivers to provide the services that you could not do, to keep the aging elderly family member at home.

You can put this into the contract and make it an option for the future.

Think about the “care giver” role as a job.

When developing a formal contract, think about things that you would think about in a job if you were employed outside the house. You will need to determine an hourly fee or a salary amount. Several long term care insurance carriers do an annual reports on the costs of services for home care assistants in each state. Explore the expenses of services you will provide. By looking online for the long term treatment research report for the year you are going to be providing solutions. Both Met Life and Genworth business publish annual records.

Care giver anxiety and stress can be avoided taking break times for the care giver to rejuvenate. It is very important when developing the caregiver contract to determine how time off will be managed. and who will offer care throughout that time. This is important for all parties to understand the outside help may be necessary. If other family members do not want to be involved.

It is very important to figure out just how you as an aging baby boomer and senior caregiver are paid. And who will be writing the check. Consulting on how taxes will be paid is another step in this process. You should check this out before executing the contract.

We are living longer and healthier than ever before. Supplying care for an older senior can last from a few months to a few years. Taking the actions to prepare ahead are the secrets to success for todays maturing boomers… to successfully age in place and assist their aging parents as well.

In doing so, all parties involved have:

An understanding of the types of services provided

The prices for those services

Expectations that there will be coverage for time off

Expectations that alternative placement or increase in outside help when care becomes challenging.

The family care provider that takes on the bulk of the obligation can and should be rewarded for the tedious hours they provide care.

A formalized family caregiver contract in place can :

Permit the aging elderly to utilize their assets to stay at house

Get high quality care

Monetarily award the individual that is giving that care.

Keep in mind, there may come a time when you, the family caregiver, will agree to supervise the treatment. And use outside health professionals, to give the care you could not. This allows you to keep the maturing elderly to aging in place.


If you are a caregiver that has had an experience with uninvolved siblings or other family members, you may have already had a challenging or unpleasant experience you may want to share.

Caregivers need to be aware of how to protect themselves.

Sharing your stories , you may be able to help someone avoid the negative and painful situations that occur after the caregiving journey is over.

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