Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) Meet Our Experts

Learn about our team of certified aging in place specialists and their expertise in helping individuals achieve independent living and aging in place through home modifications.

Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) Meet Our Experts
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As we embark on the journey towards independent living and aging in place, I am thrilled to introduce our team of certified aging in place specialists. Their dedication and expertise have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals of creating safe and comfortable living environments.

· David Foley, LEED AP, CGR, CGP, CAPS - President, Home Solutions Specialists, Rockledge, Florida:

With 25 years of experience in the residential and commercial construction industry, David is a State Certified General Contractor. His proficiency in all phases of construction allows him to envision and execute projects with exceptional precision and foresight.

· Scott Anderson, CAPS - Trivest Construction Inc., Tucker, Georgia:

With nearly 35 years as a licensed architect and a CAPS designation earned in 2004, Scott brings a wealth of architectural knowledge to provide practical and barrier-free living solutions for seniors.

· Jonathan Greaves, CAPS - President, Greaves Construction Inc, Temple Terrace, Florida:

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    As a State Certified Building Contractor, Certified Home Energy Rater, and holder of various remodeling and green building certifications, Jonathan's expertise spans a wide range of disciplines in creating accessible and adaptable living spaces.

    · Mike Shina, CAPS, LEED AP - Windsong Properties, Somerset, GA:

    The award-winning builder of 55+ communities, Mike's company, Windsong Properties, focuses on Easy Living and EarthCraft Certified homes, ensuring accessible and environmentally-friendly living environments.

    · Jamie Goldberg, AKBD, CAPS - Independent Kitchen and Bath Designer, Tampa, Florida:

    As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist and a licensed kitchen and bath designer, Jamie's expertise lies in designing spaces that cater to the needs of clients who wish to age in place gracefully.

    Differentiating a Certified Aging in Place Specialist from a Contractor or Home Remodeler:

    · David Foley, President Home Solutions Specialists, Rockledge, Florida:

    A CAPS specialist is trained to carefully listen to clients, caregivers, and health aides, observing the physical conditions of a home to incorporate universal design features that benefit people of all ages, not just seniors. This holistic approach ensures practical and inclusive living spaces.

    · Scott Anderson, Trivest Construction, Inc:

    CAPS professionals possess unique skills to interact with seniors and their support network, understanding their architectural needs to create safe, comfortable, and convenient environments. Their commitment to continuous education and ethical standards sets them apart.

    · Jonathan Greaves, CAPS, Greaves Construction:

    CAPS specialists are certified in Universal, Accessible, and Adaptable Design by the NAHB, showcasing compassion and dedication to providing solutions for homeowners. They adhere to a code of ethics and actively participate in community service.

    · Mike Shina, CAPS, LEED AP, Windsong Properties, Somerset, GA:

    Windsong Properties is an award-winning builder that ensures all their homes are Easy Living and EarthCraft Certified, designed for accessibility and sustainability. Their dedication to excellence sets them apart as aging in place experts.

    · Jamie Goldberg, AKBD, CAPS - Independent Kitchen and Bath Designer, Tampa, Florida:

    A Certified Aging in Place Specialist may come from various backgrounds, united by the common goal of assisting homeowners in remaining in their homes beyond retirement. They offer a range of expertise, making them valuable resources for those seeking assistance.

    In closing, the insight from our Certified Aging in Place Specialists provides valuable understanding for our readers. While consulting a specialist is often prompted by illness or accidents, it is equally essential for young families to consider these services, much like automobile insurance - to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

    Our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated CAPS experts for their invaluable contributions to creating safe and supportive living spaces.