Caregivers are Silent Warriors

Discover the varied ways in which caregivers find strength and support on their daily caregiving journey, including spiritual practices, community support, and the love and commitment to their family members.

Caregivers are Silent Warriors
Famliy Careigivers are you a silent warrior? 

By Veronica Badowski

Where Do You Get Your Strength When You Feel At The End Of Your Rope?

I feel like a silent warrior, advocating for my aging parents, fighting for services and support that they need, and spending hours on the phone with Medicare, insurance companies, the VA, doctors offices. I put my aging parents needs and care above my own, to the point where my own health is failing. I lay awake, at night, worrying about many things.

I am tired of people telling me that “God does not give you more than you can handle” or that there are lessons to be learned from the trial and tribulations of life. I have had enough personal growth experiences for 2 lifetimes.

I have learned that people can disappoint you, if you let them. The very people you expect to pick you up, are the ones I find that let me down. I know that many people have disappointed me during my caregiving journey.

I have also learned that people will surprise me. It is not often, but, when someone brings me a meal, leaves me a message of encouragement or stops for a visit ( even when I do not think I could stop for a cup of coffee), these are moments I hold dear to me. These moments, as my journey goes on, gets fewer and farther between.

So, as I write this, I am curious. How do others find strength on their daily caregiving journey to go on?

I like the term “silent warrior”! It definitely defines caregivers.

I do not know if you are aware of it, but, caregivers are the single largest segment of the long term care industry. They amount of unpaid care they provide is well over $600 billion dollars a year. Did you know that three fifths of the adult population is caring for the sick, the disabled and the elderly.That's 1 in 5 people are caregivers.

These silent warriors provide the best possible care to their family members, without reward, payment or even acknowledgment. The family caregiver is considered “the invisible patient” by the health care industry.

There are many different types caregivers, as there are people. The way they find their strength and continue to fuel their commitment is as varied as the individuals providing the care.

I have started a Faith in Caregiving segment on It is to help those that draw their strength from their spiritual side to find comfort.

I have also found that many find their strength from the little everyday things, a smile, embracing the fact that they have made it through another day.

Many family caregivers have incredible love and commitment to their family members. many find strength in seeing their own family members, sick, frail and disabled get out of bed and live to see another day. For many, that is all they need to continue their caregiving journey.

Others find strength with online and local support groups. Knowing that they are not alone, finding a place to vent helps them.

Caregivers: The Fearless Warriors Protecting and Empowering Others

Discover the wisdom of caregiving from someone who has walked in your shoes. I'll share strategies, actions, and attitudes that worked for me and can work for you. Learn the path to radical self-care, the secret to surviving the caregiving journey with grace and empowerment.

Unleash the Warrior within you – the ultimate symbol of strength and courage. Learn how to stand up for yourself and set goals that you can achieve. Find the perfect balance between assertiveness and compassion. No more letting others push you around or losing direction in life.

The Warrior archetype is calling to us all, presenting a challenge in today's world. Join the fight to overcome obstacles and become the hero in your own story. Imagine epic battles against life's villains, armed with the weapon of your choice. Rise victorious, vanquishing your fears and achieving your desires.

However, be cautious not to let the Warrior archetype dominate your mindset. Avoid turning every interaction into a contest, disregarding the needs and feelings of others. Strike a balance between achieving your goals and maintaining healthy relationships.

Let go of the war mentality that labels every problem as an enemy to conquer. Instead, embrace understanding and open-mindedness. Engage in meaningful debates that foster growth and progress. Recognize that the Warrior resides within everyone, in varied forms of maturity and development.

Caregivers are the unsung heroes fighting battles every day. Uncover your inner Warrior and become the fearless protector and empowerer that the world needs.

Finding Tranquility in the Midst of Despair A Silent Warrior Prayer

Dear God, the source of all hope, I humbly seek your guidance as I continue my role as a caregiver. The health of my loved one appears bleak, and the burden is becoming overwhelming. I implore you to fill my spirit with your peace and grant me unwavering hope. The weight of hopelessness threatens to crush me as I witness my loved one's sorrowful state day after day. Just as you commanded the waves to submit to your authority, I beseech you to speak to my inner self and bestow upon me the tranquility that only you can provide. In your name, I pray. Amen.

A Silent Warriors Powerful Prayer for Strength and Peace

Dear Almighty God, I come to You today feeling utterly exhausted. Being a caregiver has proven to be much more demanding than I ever anticipated. Some days, I doubt if I can even make it to bedtime. Today is one of those challenging days. In this moment, I am clinging to Your promise to provide me with strength. Lord, I humbly ask for Your blessing. Please grant me an extra dose of Your divine strength to carry me through the rest of this day. I pray that You may clear my path and bring peace into the remaining hours. Amen.

A Silent Warrior Prayer for Divine Wisdom in Decision Making

Dear God, I humbly ask for your all-knowing wisdom as I navigate my role as a caregiver. Please guide me to make the right choices and alert me to any necessary adjustments along the way. I confess that I rely on your guidance to prevent any mistakes. Being solely responsible for someone's well-being can be overwhelming, especially when I lack professional medical expertise. Therefore, I seek your divine guidance to help us navigate each day unharmed. Amen.

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