Care Givers and Eldercare Givers Are You Looking For Stress Relief?

Are you a stressed out caregiver? Discover the secret to finding stress relief through the power of mindfulness. Learn how to live in the moment, regain perspective, and rejuvenate your energy in this guide for eldercare givers.

Care Givers and Eldercare Givers Are You Looking For Stress Relief?
Incorporate Mindfulness and Meditation for Caregiver Stress Relief

One Secret to Stress Relief: Power of Mindfulness

Are you one of the millions of home care givers involved in eldercare of an aging family member? Are you a stressed out caregiver? I want to share my secret to find stress relief. It is the power of Mindfulness. I know this sounds cliche, but living in the moment gets rid of negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are contagious. So bear with me as I explain myself.

My day starts early in the morning. All is quiet. I intentionally get up early to start my day. It is a special time of day, devoted strictly to me. I claim it as my alone time. There is nothing like solitude and reflection to start your day.

The Caregivers Role

In the silence of the morning I find stress relief and recharge my spirit. I started this selfish practice to try and help me regain some perspective… about my role as a caregiver and the multiple other roles I play in my life.

The role of giving care is a difficult one. It can be a lonely, emotionally painful and a very stressful position to be in. It takes an incredible amount of energy to take care of those that need our support and care. I found a secret that has helped to refresh my spirit and rejuvenate my energy. I have learned how to take control over my life.

In the early morning hours … when everyone is still asleep, I take time to enjoy the solitude and stillness of the morning. I take time to appreciate the simpler things in life. I had to learn how to live in the moment, not worry about what happened in the past or what the future will bring. In those quite moments, I selfishly think of me.

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    Modern technology has created an unnatural and artificial modern lifestyle. We are constantly surrounded by television, computers, emails and cell phones. There is never a moment of peace and quiet. I have become resentful because I have come to feel as if time is not my own.

    So I am greedy and I take a few stolen moments everyday, for me. I do it for reflection, stress relief and mindfulness. In those moments I reflect on the the things I am grateful for in my life.

    This is my attitude adjustment time. It is something that I had to work at becoming good at doing. I still work on it each and every day. Over time is has become a part of me.

    The power of mindfulness has forever changed my life

    How mindfulness and meditation can help the family caregiver.

    I know that many who care for others may feel uncomfortable not being bombarded … constant environmental stimulation. I have learned to embrace the quiet stillness. I know that many care givers feel alone. The solitude I experience is by choice. It makes me feel energized and refreshed.

    The social isolation that we experience does cause loneliness. Many choose to give up their social life and other parts of their life out of a sense of responsibility. This choice turns into fatigue, resentment, frustration and anger. Many care givers feel as if their life is out of control.

    I allow myself time to dream and think positive thoughts. I am not unrealistic with my positive thinking. I have become to realize that there are many things that are out of my control. I accept that, sometimes with great difficulty. I have come to learn, in those quiet moments, that all I can control is how I react to things. That is where the power of positive thinking comes in.

    Caregivers are constantly challenged

    There are unpleasant and unexpected situations we are forced to face. Nothing in our life prepared us for this role.

    Because your thoughts become your reality, I try very hard to live in the moment.

    I have learned a lot about myself during these early morning alone times. I am learning to accept that I am not a superhuman. I also have my shortcomings. I have discovered many things about me that I need to improve.

    I have learned to reclaim my life and alone time for myself. This time has allowed me the ability to handle the ongoing demands of my care-giving role. My morning session consists of mindfulness, relaxation and breathing techniques. I even focus on the beating of my heart.

    There are mornings when my giving care or one of the other roles in my life, interferes with my alone time. I have come to realize that on those days, I am different. My morning ritual creates a sense of calmness. It gives me perspective on my life. Over time I have learned to practice mindfulness on the run.

    Caregivers that provide elder care can be stressed out. One secret to stress relief is to utilize the power of mindfulness. It will renew your ability to take on the challenges of the day, with strength and purpose. It will give you a sense of control over your life.

    I encourage you to take the time for solitude, reflection and living a mindful lifestyle.

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