The VA Aid and Attendance Pension Helps Vets and Surviving Spouses with Financial Assistance for Housing

Learn about the VA Aid and Attendance Pension program, a little-known benefit for veterans and surviving spouses that can provide significant monthly income to cover daily living expenses. Find out how to check your eligibility and apply for this valuable financial aid.

The VA Aid and Attendance Pension Helps Vets and Surviving Spouses with Financial Assistance for Housing
VA Aid and attendance Pension

VA aid and attendance pension program was a life saver for us.

by Barbara Shenk

I do hope that this find you well.

Diane, My husband and I live in an apartment complex. We have lived here for the last 2 yrs. Each year the rent keeps going up almost a $100 each time.

When we moved in, the rent was $775 a month.

At the time we thought it was great. It has 2 bathrooms 1 with a walk in shower, which is great for my husband who is a WW 11 vet 84yrs old and who is legally blind.
I am 66 years old and we are always on the go.

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    To get to the point. I have been looking into senior retirement communities.

    I found some nice senior retirement communities, but financially we are unable to afford many of the them due to our fixed income.

    I wanted to share that I found out there is a little known benefits program for vets that most do not know about it called VA Aid & Attendance Pension Benefits.

    Many vet and surviving spouses are not aware that they could be eligible to receive a significant monthly income through the VA, other than Social Security.

    This program is designed to provide financial aid to vets or surviving spouses who need services for any number of daily activities. These could range from $1,644 per month or more. These benefits could cover up to 75 percent of the total cost of living.

    We are just looking for the ones that do not have a waiting list, be it here or across the country, We are sure to find something that we like.`


    Thank you for sharing this information. This benefit is available and very few, like yourself have been made aware of it. I hope you and your husband find enjoyment in your new surroundings.

    Thank your husband for his service to our country. It is because of men like him, we have the ability to enjoy our freedoms today.

    Here is another program that may help you.

    Have more questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Question section of the website. You will find a lot of different questions answered directly.
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