Understanding Dementia : The First Step to Care

Discover the staggering lifetime risk for women, and the growing number of Americans living with dementia. Advocating for good dementia care and education is crucial in the absence of a cure.

Understanding Dementia : The First Step to Care
Understanding Dementia

Understanding dementia is the first step to making plans for future care needs. Did you know there are over many different types of dementia? That a person can have more than one type of dementia?  Of course, Alzheimer’s dementia is the most known of all dementias.

Are you aware the the second most common type of dementia is Lewy Body dementia?  Lewy Body is also the most misdiagnosed dementia. Did you know that from the initial diagnosis to death can be as short as 6 years to as long as 20 years? Did you know that a woman n her 60s, a woman’s estimated lifetime risk for developing a type of dementia is 1 in 6? That is a staggering number when you consider that the chances of developing breast cancer it is 1 in 11.

The number of Americans living with a type of  dementia will grow rapidly in coming years as the baby boom generation ages. Although it sounds like it is far away , but  the year 2050, the number of individuals over the age 65 and older with a form of dementia may triple, from 5 million to as many as 16 million. This of course, is barring any new  medical breakthroughs  that will prevent, slow the progression , or stop the development of types of dementia.

I am a strong advocate at the present time, of promoting good dementia care and education of the disease and how it affects the brain. As an RN, I realize that there has not been a cure for a disease since polio. There are many non profits looking for a cure, but, none are discussing or spending money on the here and now. We are in a crisis.

There are no standards of Memory Care or quality dementia care. It is my goal to help the family caregiver understand and be able to be prepared for what the future may entail with the specific type of dementia. This will empower the family caregiver to provide confident care. I wrote the book What is Dementia?Understanding Dementia is the First Step to Confident Dementia Care to empower caregivers to promote quality of life and avoid the pitfalls of the ever changing cognitive changes you will face.

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