Can I Sue My Sister for Misuse of Power of Attorney? She Stole $500K of My Parents Money

If your sister has misused her power of attorney and stolen from your parents, legal action may be possible. Learn how to seek criminal charges and recoup losses through an elder law or estate attorney. Protect your loved ones from the signs of elder abuse.

Can I Sue My Sister for Misuse of Power of Attorney? She Stole $500K of My Parents Money

Can I sue my sister for misuse of power of attorney? She stole $500K of my parents money, had may father sign the family home over to her and even has his cars titled over to her children. all of this was done in an underhanded way. It was my parents intention for all 3 of my sisters to share in the estate.

My sister took my parents to her bank and opened joint accounts with her name checking and savings accounts. Over time, she moved money from their bank accounts to the joint accounts at her bank. She went as far as making sure that the accounts would have full rights of survivorship upon the death of either account holder.

I should have suspected something was wrong, when she consistently refused to provide me with even the most ordinary information about my parents financial status. I was the health care HCPOA and I had to ask many questions because I was making the  medical and housing  decisions. My sister always made statements about how she had a “system” in place to account for everything.  The problem is, she never shared her “system ” with me.  I have recently found she had no system at all. Her system was spending my parents money for things for her and college for her children.

Since the death of both parents within the past 18 months, my sister refused to allow me access to any of the records or files on the estate. I actually  had to go through the surrogate court system. Now my sister refuses to allow me access to OUR estate attorney.

First, I must say that I am so sorry you are having to deal with this situation. While this is an unfortunate situation, it does happen. While I do not know the entire situation, I see this is elder abuse. I would recommend that you see an elder law attorney or an estate attorney to see if you can recoup any of the losses. You may be able to seek criminal charges against your sister if you can prove  prove constructive fraud and intent, malice and of course breach of fiduciary duty.