What to Look for in Medical Alert Systems : Our Review

In an emergency situation, your life or that of your aging family member could depend on the medical alert product you choose.

What to Look for in Medical Alert Systems : Our Review
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The  truth about medical alert systems is simply the system is only as good as tracking/alert system behind it. When you have an emergency situation – when seconds count, your life, or that of your aging family member could be depending completely on the medical alert product you purchased.

The perks of purchasing a top-notch medical alert device exceeds any kind of worries or concerns. In all my clinical years of nursing, I have never ever heard one regret in those individuals that purchased a medical alert product.

Every caregiver wants the best for their aging family member. So you want a high quality and dependable product!

Many clients over the years have told me they just do not know what to look for or the right questions to ask.

Your first question, when exploring your options of medical alert systems, is “Where is your call center located?”   inquiry should be, you want to be aware when a telephone call center is located hundreds of miles away or overseas.

The benefits and features of a good medical alert system that should be addressed before you make a purchase will be covered here:

Air Range (Open)

This is important, as you want to know what is the farthest distance your aging family member can be from the monitor box. This will help you make a decision about the product that will cover the total area of the house.

Power of Standby battery?

Does the system have a standby electric battery pack in situation of a power failure? If so, exactly how long will it still work to provide protection?
Warranty for Device Repair Work and Replacement

Will your business replace any defective or malfunctioning components? Will there be cost for those parts or service charges?  Is there a cost for shipping that parts?

Speaker Phone?

Does your system have the capacity to push a button on the product that will  your telephone call center ? This is not a necessity,it is useful.

Terms of Contract

The goal is to find a company that does not insist on a long term contract. You want to make certain that you could cancel your agreement no greater than 30 days out. If you discover something you like much better down the line, or have a negative experience with the present company, canceling a long term contact could be quite pricey.

Are Employees at the Central Call Center  Certified?

There are standards and specialized training that is strongly recommended for the professionals that answer the call on the other end. Ask what training and follow up training is given to the employees. It is important that the employees meet or exceed those standards.

Ask who is taking the calls? is it a live person? Does the system first send an alarm to a voice mailbox? The most important thing to look for is a live person taking the call. Medical alert systems are for life and death situations.

The call center specialists should go through at least 6 weeks of intensive classroom training. They should be certified by a seasoned  veteran specialist and then have a performance evaluation preformed on a regular basis.

The system you purchase must NOT be outsourcing your emergency situation calls!  A medical alert system should have their very own call center/ monitoring center , have the ability to do vital analysis of your call immediately. Valuable seconds can be lost.

Referral Program

Ask if  the business rewards and says “thanks” for presenting their item to your buddies? While it is a great benefit , it should not be a deal breaker.

Setting up the system

This is a product that you want to install quickly and easily. You really do not want to wait for a sales representative to set it up for you. Is the setup simple and easy for the average person to do?

Design Options ?

There should be several different options to wear a medical alert system. A necklace? a bracelet? a belt clip option?  There should be at least 3 choices that would be provided cost-free of fee. You may favor one type of another, or you may want to have options depending on the day and wardrobe .

24/7 Customer  Service and Technical  Support

Because any call could be life or death situation: technological, functional and managerial assistance ought to exist night and day, whenever you require it.

Hearing capabilities

When seconds count,  you do not want a problem with the call center hearing you or your family member! Medical alert systems  should  to be delicate and sensitive enough to hear you and have voice to voice capability from anywhere in the house.

Frequency of testing the system

It is important to have a system in place that at the minimum, checks the system at least once a week. A squirrel could chew a wire, etc You want peace of mind that the system is working connected and available, if and when, you need it.


The medical alert system you chose should be waterproof and allow anyone to do regular activities of daily living around water.

Free Delivery

The system you purchase should offer cost-free UPS Ground delivery and the option of much faster delivery, if needed.  A reliable company should not charge for delivery.

Do they Offer Free Return Delivering?

Once you no longer require the system, you should not be expected  to pay to return your devices.

What are Your Costs?

The only fee you should have to pay for is a monthly monitoring fee. This is a fee that should not be expected to change for the time you use the service. There may be other options you may be offered and choose to take, but, these should be Extra charges you should be aware of ahead of time.

Fall Alert Option

Fall Detection technology has been around for a few years. It is just recently being offered as an extra option with medical alert systems. However, at the present time,  fall detection technology still has limited functionality and issues with reliability.

Payment Options

The ease of billing to your credit card or electronic transfer of funds are great options. You must look for a company that meets your options for payment.

When it comes to medical alert systems, you now are armed with valuable information to get the system that has the features and benefits that you want in a system.

We have actually done our research for you.  (Now it is time for you to do yours – we’ll be right here when you return). The program that we promote and recommend is

Bay Alarm Medical – Medical Alert Services

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