Is There Life After Death? What Are Your Thoughts?

Diane Carbo shares her thoughts on the afterlife and her belief in the continuation of the soul after physical death. She also discusses her experiences with mediums and the comfort of being able to connect with deceased loved ones.

Is There Life After Death? What Are Your Thoughts?

Is there life after death? I wrote very recently about tackling the thorny subject of… discussing dying to ones family. I have now been asked to further this subject to some points I touched on during my blog. So this piece is about my perception of life after death. It is an expansion of my first piece.

Of course when we die we stop to be as we are and our bodies are duly buried. Yet my belief is that our souls never die. Our inner selves continue to live.

We are not visible but we are there is spirit and in heaven. If you read my initial article, you will remember, that I remarked that no one has physically returned to tell us so this is my take on the subject.

I have had it proved to me, by medium,s that my mum and dad are with me and are watching out for me and guiding me. I have also had it said that I have a Red Indian guide who is with me to show me right from wrong. There are good mediums and bad mediums and I am tempted to say that there are average mediums, pun intended! I have to say that all the mediums that I have seen have all reiterated to me that… I have family around me who have long passed away. That is a great comfort. My eldest daughter went to see a medium some years ago and was told things that only she would know. She never fed this person with information.

For those of you who have read Dan Brown, Angels and Demons, you will know that there is a line near the end… where the in coming Pope says, ” God does not actually do anything and make things happen, but, in fact, he plants the ideas into your head.”

Makes sense to me and I am a firm believer in God without being overly religious. I pray often and ask for help. Sometimes it takes a while and sometimes it comes very quickly but, Dan Brown, in my eyes has it right. God has never yet let me down and the thought that he plants the ideas in ones head is a very good comfort. But you have to believe.

Sometimes I sense that my parents are with me and like to think that they are together and are happy. Hopefully I will one day be reunited with them both. I clearly remember waking up one morning and my wife told me that she could smell her mums perfume in the bedroom. Her mother passed away a little while before this happened. My wife did not have any of her mum’s perfume, so where did the smell come from. It was her mum saying ‘hey I’m here and always will be’

So what about my Red Indian guide. The fella that took me for a trip around a famous square one evening in Central London… even though I never left the room I was in. y think that we all have a spirit guide and I hope a good hearted one. I am also a believer that if you have goodness in your heart then you are rewarded with ta good guide. I won’t even go down the road of possible rogue guides. Red Indians were a very religious set of people who had firm beliefs in life and held to the strong belief that life in the hereafter existed.

It may take time to come to grips with this notion. If you think about all the times that you have had something happen to you that’s good… just think ‘where did that come from’. ‘How did that happen’. Maybe it’s a relative that has passed away or maybe it’s a guide or possibly both. How many times have you asked God for guidance , be honest here! Lots I would imagine. An answer doesn’t come from a voice but the answer comes from you and you only with the idea planted in you. I must stress that I am not a religious person but I do believe that God is there as is my parents and family and my guide.

Of course, I am human ,and have made bad errors of judgement, haven’t we all. Yet I think everything in life is for a reason and once again I refer to Dante and Dan Brownand the nine rings of hell.

We have to suffer pain and misery to realise and appreciate the good times. TheN release from all the suffering. We have all had toothache that keeps us up at night and then after the trip to the dentist we are out of pain. It s that kind of thought but on a broader scale. We are being shown how to understand the goodness that there is .

Losing a job is devastating. Again how many times have we heard of someone who finds an even better one ? And is really glad that they lost the first one. There are so many examples I can give .

Nearly finished, honest. How many times ( I have used this phrase a lot) do we say “Thank God” or “God Forbid” or “Please God”. Lots and lots. So we all have this inner thinking of a supreme person looking after us all. Combine this with your guide and you begin to see that maybe this invisible guide is an extension of God, a helper. Also add your dear departed loved ones who I think are there to remind us that one day we will be reunited. That in itself is worth savouring.

Finally, I did say I was nearly finished. Don’t be afraid of death as it is only an extension of life and another part of living. Be comforted that you will play your part, but in a different form. Please believe that those who have left us are now out of pain and misery. They are doing a great job watching and helping us along with our guides. They too have a role to play.

Please share your thoughts and feelings put life after death.

Now is your chance to have your say. Share your unique point of view.

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