This In Home Care Technology Made a Difference For This Family.

Learn how in-home care technology like ClearCare can give your family peace of mind while caring for an aging loved one. Real-time updates and accountability ensure the best possible care.

This In Home Care Technology Made a Difference For This Family.
In Home Care Technology Helps To Age in Place

Natalie, from Grass Valley, CA shares how in home care technology helped her grandmother remain in her home.

My family had been caring for my aging grandmother and we finally needed some outside help. We were very hesitant to trust an outside provider. We came across an agency that utilizes a system called ClearCare care management software. This in Home care technology is amazing and allowed our family to have peace of mind.

With ClearCare, we can log-in to a website and see an update of grandma's care plan at any time -and it is all in real time.

Clear Care A Home Care Technology used by some  in home care companies.

This has been such a life saver for our family. We feel a lot more comfortable leaving Grandma with a home care employee, knowing that we can check on her care at any time.

Has anyone else used a company with software like this?

Thank you, Natalie for making us aware of this software system

I have done some research for others to learn about the benefits of this and other software programs.

The home care industry is very competitive and you want to get the best possible care for your dollar. So let's find out how we can do that.

Most home care agencies are still communicating the old fashioned way- ON PAPER.

This will change when the insurance and payment sources force change. Until then, many companies will not take on the expense.

The companies utilize in home care technology, will have an edge. Their staff will have an accountability by phone or computer about all the patient care. This will give the family a real time log of the care that is being provided by the caregiver.

It will be expected that things that are not completed will have an explanation as to why these things were not done - as well as if things new things need to be introduced, the family will be notified in a timely fashion.

This is marketed as a benefit, as a family member can go online to see what is done in real time. Standard home care agencies use paper work that is left in the home and goes to the office once a week.

So the family would have to depend on talking to the family member or the family caregiver to find out what is being done.

As far as I am concerned, communication is so important. Opening the lines of communication with everyone is important. While I like the idea of the software, it is only as good as the people using it.

While I think that this is software is a great idea, I would not make it a deal breaker for a home care agency. It is more important that a family member using in home care take the steps to put systems in place to be successful.

Diane Carbo RN

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