This In Home Care Technology Made a Difference For This Family

Learn how in-home care technology like ClearCare can give your family peace of mind while caring for an aging loved one. Real-time updates and accountability ensure the best possible care.

This In Home Care Technology Made a Difference For This Family
Embracing Technology in In-Home Care: Natalie's Story

Natalie, hailing from Grass Valley, CA, shares her family's experience with how in-home care technology helped her grandmother continue to live in her own home.

Caring for my aging grandmother had been a family effort, but eventually, we realized that we needed some external support. Trusting an outside provider was a big step for us. Fortunately, we discovered an agency that uses a revolutionary system called ClearCare care management software. This in-home care technology has been nothing short of amazing and has given our family invaluable peace of mind.

With ClearCare, we can simply log in to a website and get real-time updates on grandma's care plan. It's a game-changer.

ClearCare is a home care technology utilized by certain in-home care companies.

This technology has been a lifesaver for our family. It has significantly boosted our confidence in leaving Grandma in the care of our in-home care employee, knowing that we can monitor her well-being at any given moment.

Has anyone else had experience with a company that employs software like this?

Thank you, Natalie, for bringing this software to our attention. I've conducted some research to help others understand the benefits of this and similar software programs.

The home care industry is highly competitive, and getting the best value for your investment is crucial. Let's explore how to achieve that.

Many home care agencies are still relying on traditional, paper-based communication methods. However, this is likely to change when insurance and payment sources compel this transformation. Until then, some agencies may resist the expense.

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    Agencies that harness in-home care technology will have a competitive advantage. Their staff will be held accountable through phone or computer-based reporting, providing real-time insights into patient care. This level of transparency will provide families with up-to-the-minute logs of the care their loved ones are receiving.

    Expectations will include explanations for any incomplete tasks and timely notifications if new care requirements arise. This is marketed as a benefit, as family members can access real-time information online. In contrast, standard home care agencies rely on paperwork left in the patient's home, which is then collected and processed weekly at the office.

    Communication is vital, and this technology bridges that gap. However, it's important to remember that the software is only as good as the individuals using it.

    While I appreciate the value of this software, I wouldn't make it the sole determining factor in choosing a home care agency. What's more important is that family members who use in-home care take the initiative to establish systems for success.

    Diane Carbo, RN

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