Five Star Senior Living Prevents Family Caregiver from Seeing His Father. Can This Happen to You?

One caregiver's story of being prevented from visiting their father at a Five Star Senior Living facility and the implications for other caregivers in similar situations.

Five Star Senior Living Prevents Family Caregiver from Seeing His Father. Can This Happen to You?
Family Caregivers and senior living facilities

David's role as a devoted family caregiver for his father, who battled Frontotemporal Lobe dementia, encompassed sleepless nights, incontinence care, and dedicated time off work. When his father's condition worsened to the point of needing more extensive care, his brother, holding the Power of Attorney (POA), decided to opt for alternative placement.

Tragically, the story took a distressing turn. Just over a year ago, David received a call from Five Star Senior Living about his father's alarming condition. His father was found on the floor of his room, seriously injured. David was the one summoned to the hospital due to his brother's unavailability.

In a subsequent incident, as David attempted to visit his father, he felt a sense of personal danger, prompting him to call 911. Despite his apprehensions, the event did not result in any charges. However, this marked the beginning of a nightmare for David.

Shortly after, a letter from Five Star Senior Living's attorneys arrived, delivering the heart-wrenching news that David was no longer welcome to visit his father. The gravity of the situation escalated, as David's father had shared concerns of physical abuse by a caregiver—an issue that David had previously reported to the facility.

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    A common experience among caregivers is that allegations from individuals with dementia often go disregarded. This plight haunted David, especially when his father's dental health deteriorated on multiple occasions. He enlisted the local elder ombudsman to monitor his father's well-being, though the report indicated his father was deemed fine.

    In addition to Alternative's report, the only other visitor mentioning their affiliation with David was his dad's former driver/caregiver, who provided respite care. Expressing kindness, this individual hand-delivered a Father's Day card to David's father, bypassing uncertainties about regular mail delivery by the facility.

    The ordeal, however, did not cease. Another letter from Five Star's legal department surfaced, conveying that visitors associated with David would be scrutinized and denied access to his father. A disheartening stipulation highlighted that any visitors sent by David would be barred from entry.

    David penned an article, sharing his profound concern that he might never see his father again. This incident isn't isolated; similar cases have emerged, like the story of a caregiver who was prevented from seeing their mother in assisted living.

    David's account serves as a stark reminder that family caregivers can face formidable barriers when advocating for their loved ones. If you've encountered comparable situations or empathize with David's experience, feel free to share your thoughts and stories here. His plight underscores the critical need to address such challenges within caregiving and elder care systems.

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