Directory of Home Health Care in Kentucky

Find home health care services in Kentucky with our directory of agencies. Learn how to prepare for in-home care and make informed decisions for yourself or your loved ones. Stay informed with tips on aging at home, home health care planning, and protecting assets while qualifying for Medicaid.

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Directory of Home Health Care in Kentucky (KY) is a listing of home healthcare agencies in this state. If you need help finding home health care services you will find this a valuable resource.

Aging Home Health Care is publishing this directory to help visitors in their effort toward home health care planning. Our readers want to age at home, otherwise known as aging in place. Our mission is to help them prepare.
We see the health care system in the United States in flux. We also hear rumors of death panels making decisions on who will and will not be qualified for care. Time will tell if these rumors are just that, rumors. It definitely brings home to many the fact that we need to make our own plans. DO NOT rely on the government to take care of you.
Take responsibility to improve your health through diet and exercise. Quit smoking or consuming other things that are know to destroy health, shorten life and may require enduring painful procedures. Aging and exercise leads to healthier aging as well as aging in place.

In the event you or someone you care about is in need of home health care services browse our directory.