Caregiver Support-Share Your Story on What You Do to Cope?

In this blog post, learn from others who have experienced caregiver stress and find out their tips and strategies for coping and finding relief.

Caregiver Support-Share Your Story on What You Do to Cope?
What do you do to cope?

Many of the pages of my site deal with caregiver support and how to deal with the stress and challenges. My goal has been to help others understand the issue. It is also my goal to offer useful advice on coping with this situation.

I have begun to realize that you might have some great ideas for coping with or alleviating this kind of stress.

I have added to the site what I do to give myself that boost of new energy every day to keep me going in the right direction. Could you share your experience and you hard earned knowledge with others?

  • Have you had to deal with caregiver stress?
  • Is there something that you do to relax tense muscles?
  • Is there something you know to avoid that makes your job easier?
  • What strategies do you use to juggle your own families needs with your care giving responsibilities.

How about sharing your story, the good, the bad and the ugly so many people will benefit. You will benefit too.

I Need Your Help! and So Do Other Readers! Let Others Know They Are Not Alone.

Are you a caregiver?

Have you had to deal with caregiver stress?

Share your story and let someone know they are understood and accepted.

If you have suggestions or tips we would love to hear about those too.

Please understand that I will not tolerate abusive or disrespectful comments on my site. I have created this support forum as a "soft place for people to land."

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    My Mom, Alzheimer's dementia, hoarding, caregiving Not rated yet
    I saw things with my mom now at 87 years old. When I was 11, she would save cash receipts from the food for end of the year taxes.

    She never used them;

    Daughter care giver with Uncooperative Father WWII Vet and Japanese POW Not rated yet
    Why does my aging father want me to give him financial, medical, veterinarian, computer repair, and all other kind of advice I am not qualified to give?;

    How does a Care giver Make a Decision on Home Care versus Nursing Home for their Elderly Parent? Not rated yet
    Considering home care vs. nursing home, hoping to see helpful posts.

    Thanks Mary for this great question,

    I am going to get the ball rolling ;

    In Home Care Technology Helps Aging Seniors Remain in Their Homes Not rated yet
    My family had been caring for my aging grandmother and we finally needed some outside help. We were very hesitant to trust an outside provider.We came ;

    Caregiver Stress and Guilt : My Mom Hates being at a Nursing Home Not rated yet
    My mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's about 3 years ago.

    She was living in a basement apartment of our bungalow for 9 years.

    Over the years, ;

    Respite Helps, But is Not Always Available Not rated yet
    I care for my 87 yr old mother who suffers Alzheimer's disease and severe osteoporosis. She fell and fractured a hip Christmas morning of 2008 and has ;

    Caregiver Stress: I don't live with her, but I am on the verge of illness Not rated yet
    I am an only child. I am married w/no children. My husband has 2 grown children from previous marriage and 1 granddaughter.

    We really do not see them ;

    Self help for family caregiver - Relieving Care Giver Stress Is a Priority

    It never ceases to amaze me or surprise me that when when I relieve my 85 year old mother and give her a break from her caring duties for my 86 year old ;

    My Mother has Alzheimer's Dementia and Wants to Continue to Handle Her Finances

    I have financial POA that allows me to handle my mother's finances. What I don't know is if I am legally obligated to return her checkbook is she requests. ;

    Father Spending Out of Control Ordering From Catalogs What Can I Do? Not rated yet
    Tonight things hit the fan in the house. My father has been spending a lot of money ordering things from catalogs.

    We must get a ten catalogs a day ;

    12 Steps to Care for the Caregiver. What Do You Do?

    This was posted on a care giving forum and I thought that I would re post here.

    Care giving may begin suddenly or gradually and can last from days to ;

    Caregiver Stress, Our Story Not rated yet
    My mother-in-law and I have always had the kind of relationship where we like each other one day and drive each other nuts the next.

    She lived in a ;

    Doing Our Best At Caregiving for 80 Year Old Stubborn Father Not rated yet
    My father is in his late 80's. He's been fairly independent until the last year. He has lived alone since my mother died 10 years ago.

    Unfortunately ;

    Caregiver Stress ,the Male Care Giver and Care Giver Burnout

    I am a full-time caretaker for my elderly mother. Oh, there's nothing seriously wrong with her. She has never had problems with cancer, stroke, heart disease ;

    Caregiver Stress and Feelings of Guilt Not rated yet
    As a caregiver for my elderly grandfather who preferred to live in his own home.I am very familiar with the challenges, caregiver stress, and rewards that ;

    A Guide To Healthy Aging

    A Happiness Handbook for 2010

    Caring for an Elderly Parent is a Challenge but Rewarding Too
    Not rated yet
    It's scary sometimes but caring for an elderly parent can sure be a challenge but without a doubt it is rewarding too.

    Have a story about your caregiving journey? Would like to share here? Help others realize that they are not alone. Submit Your Caregiver Story