What Are The Symptoms Of Early Onset Dementia

What Are The Symptoms Of Early Onset Dementia
What are the symptoms of early onset dementia DCS

In this podcast episode, Diane Carbo discusses the symptoms and challenges of early onset Alzheimer's disease through the story of John, a 45-year-old father of six. John's case highlights the rarity of early onset Alzheimer's, affecting individuals in their forties and fifties, and the emotional toll it takes on families. The episode emphasizes the importance of understanding the unique difficulties of early onset Alzheimer's, which may lead to job loss, financial strain, and family upheaval.

Diane explains the symptoms of early onset Alzheimer's, including memory loss, confusion, difficulty finding words, poor judgment, mood swings, and personality changes. She stresses the significance of early diagnosis and the role of genetic factors in this form of Alzheimer's. John's wife's experience highlights the challenges of caregiving and the need to seek support from family, friends, and support groups.

The episode also addresses legal and financial preparations for families dealing with early onset Alzheimer's, including powers of attorney and estate planning. Diane discusses the impact on children and offers tips for involving them in the care process while addressing their emotional needs. The podcast concludes with the recognition that resources and support for early onset Alzheimer's are limited, underscoring the importance of awareness and community assistance in managing this challenging condition.

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