The Need for Faith Along the Caregiving Journey

iscover the connection between caregiving and faith through a reflection on Psalm 33:1. Learn about the importance of connecting with God during difficult days as a caregiver, and find tips and prayers for finding joy and strength in caregiving.

The Need for Faith Along the Caregiving Journey
Faith in Caregiving and Caregiver Support

Welcome to our Caregiver Support and Faith in Caregiving Series


Psalm 33:1 (GNT)

“All you that are righteous,
shout for joy for what the Lord has done;
praise him, all you that obey him.”

Why do those who are righteous have reason to sing joyfully?


On those mornings when our assistant had a day off it was an effort to get out of bed and get myself over to the other side of the house to take care of my parents. What I would have preferred to do was pack my bags and run away to a faraway island. And the last thing I wanted to do was sing joyfully to the Lord. Somehow I chose to do what was right by making my feet move toward their apartment. Once again, I continued to be my parents’ caregiver, knowing I was pleasing the Lord and loving them. In truth, it was still difficult work, so I wasn’t joyfully singing. Yet, I did feel happier and more peaceful inside when I accepted this responsibility as God’s will for this season of my life. I was able to open my heart to let God’s love flow through me.

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    I think we’ve all had days such as this. Think about a time when you just did NOT want to do the tasks you’ve accepted. How did you respond?

    Sometimes we procrastinate and that really zaps our energy. I’ve seen a sign that says, Procrastination Is Hard Work. And indeed it is! Turning away from difficult tasks, while knowing we still must complete them, weighs us down. This is when we need to connect with our Heavenly Father.

    There’s no way we are able to reflect God’s love through the difficult days without Him opening our energy channels so we can move forward. Praying, singing an upbeat praise song, and reading a favorite scripture can change our mood for the better, so we need to take a few minutes and . . . just do it!

    As you mediate about God’s goodness and also praise Him, you will regain the desire to do what is right. Your weariness will lift away, and joy will creep back into your spirit. Remember, God is faithful. He is the One who will equip you to be obedient to His call–especially on the days you are dragging.

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    Recently, what have you accomplished for no other reason than it was right to do?


    Almighty God, Great Provider, I come to you this day weary and drained. I long for your presence. Come into my heart, and fill me with your joy. Your joy is my strength. Revive my spirit, Holy One, so your unlimited love may be reflected in my obedience. You are worthy of all my praise this day and every day. Amen.

    Caregiver Support

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    The Importance of Faith in Caregiving

    Being a caregiver is a rewarding and loving journey, but it can also be filled with stress and anxiety. Family caregivers often worry about how to physically and financially take care of their aging loved ones, while older adults fear becoming a burden to others as their lives change. To make the most of the caregiving journey and find strength, family caregivers need to find an outlet. For many, faith becomes that outlet.

    When discussing faith, religion, and spirituality, it's important to understand that they all reflect individualized beliefs. While many individuals find comfort in belonging to a faith community, not everyone is religious. However, we all have a spiritual dimension that can be nourished through connections. Just as beliefs are deeply personal, the approach to incorporating these beliefs and activities is unique to each person.

    Here are some ways to incorporate faith and spirituality into daily caregiving:

    Regularly attend or watch a religious service.
    Share or read prayers and scripture together.
    Sing or listen to hymns (music can have a powerful impact, especially for loved ones living with dementia).
    Meditate and/or discuss important life events and accomplishments.
    Spend time outdoors connecting with nature.

    The positive effects of faith and spirituality are numerous, especially for caregivers and older adults. They can slow cognitive decline, improve physical health, and help develop coping strategies. Additionally, faith provides a sense of community, which is particularly valuable for older adults who may feel socially isolated.

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