How Retirement Age Parents Get the Home Health Care Services They Need

As parents reach retirement age, it can be difficult for them to maintain their independence. Learn tips and resources for providing the best possible care for your aging parents, including access to medical professionals, nutritious meals, physical activity, and social interaction.

How Retirement Age Parents Get the Home Health Care Services They Need
Retirement Age Parents

Lisa, a concerned friend in Los Angeles, CA, is on a mission to assist her friend, whose retirement age parents are in need of home health care. Lisa shares her friend's situation, where she underwent a kidney transplant at a young age and subsequently faced heart issues. As she is unmarried, her aging parents have become her primary caregivers. However, the demands of caring for their daughter have become increasingly challenging, prompting a search for home health care services.


I extend my sympathies to your friend and her family, as their situation is a reality many families face in today's world. It's unclear whether your friend lives with her parents or nearby, but I'll address this as an opportunity for broader understanding.

As our parents reach retirement age, we, the first generation to retire while potentially caring for our elderly parents, must recognize the growing importance of this role. In some instances, parents may even be in better physical shape than their children, but dementia or other conditions may compromise their independence. This situation calls for a family discussion, involving everyone, to plan for future care needs.

Begin by creating a person-centered profile to understand your friend's specific requirements. This is also an opportunity to address advanced directives, end-of-life issues, and the overall care needs of the entire family, offering benefits to all.

Subsequently, your friend's parents may consider introducing home care on a regular, intermittent basis, seamlessly incorporating it into her routine. At Caregiver Relief, we aim to aid in your search for a healthcare provider by publishing a directory of home health care agencies, searchable by state.

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    If you are currently providing home care for retirement age parents, you might be experiencing feelings of overwhelm. Adding an extra family caregiver can provide tremendous relief. Here are some essential tips to ensure the best possible care for everyone involved:

    1. Prioritize regular access to healthcare professionals for retirement age parents to address their medical needs promptly.
    2. Ensure access to nutritious meals and snacks to maintain their health and vitality.
    3. Encourage physical activity to keep retirement age parents active and engaged.
    4. Foster social interaction to promote mental well-being.
    5. Create a comfortable and secure home environment.

    By following these tips, you can ensure that retirement age parents receive the best care possible while ensuring support and respect for everyone involved. With effort and understanding, they can enjoy a healthy and contented retirement with the assistance of a family caregiver.

    Your friend can also learn to manage in-house assistance while relying on her parents for additional support when necessary. However, before bringing a home health provider into the home, it's crucial to educate yourself on what you need to know before hiring in-home care to ensure a smooth process.

    I must mention that statistics show it may take several attempts to find the right caregiver – usually around 5-7 caregivers – so patience is key.

    Wishing you and your friend the best of luck and sending warm wishes your way. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to address this important topic.

    Diane Carbo, RN


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