How Retirement Age Parents Get the Home Health Care Services They Need

As parents reach retirement age, it can be difficult for them to maintain their independence. Learn tips and resources for providing the best possible care for your aging parents, including access to medical professionals, nutritious meals, physical activity, and social interaction.

How Retirement Age Parents Get the Home Health Care Services They Need
Retirement Age Parents 

Lisa, of Los Angeles, CA is trying to help a friend with retirement age parents find home health care.

Lisa writes:

A very close friend of mine had a kidney transplanted when she was of 29 years old.

During this treatment... she also faced some heart problems due to this kidney transplant. She is unmarried.

Her parents are also going into their retirement age. It is becoming difficult for them to look after her all the time so, we are looking for some Home Health Care.


I am so sorry to learn of your friends situation. Unfortunately, this is a scenario that is played out all too often in today’s society.

You do not say if your friend lives with her parents or close by. I am going to answer this from my point of view that this is an educational opportunity for all.

As parents are growing older and reach retirement age... we will be the first generation to retire and actually care for our parents for many, many years.

In some instances... I am even seeing the parents may be in better physical health than their children. But dementia has robbed them of their independence.

Have more questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Question section of the website. You will find a lot of different questions answered directly.

This is an opportunity for the entire family to sit and discuss (yes, mom and dad too!) future care needs. Take time to start and develop a person centered profile.

It is a great opportunity to discuss Advanced Directives and End of life issues ... as well as future care needs, of the entire family.

Everyone benefits here.

Then your friend’s parents may want to introduce home care in the home on a regular intermittent basis. This way it becomes part of her routine.

We here at Caregiver Relief may be able to help in your search for a health care provider. We are publishing a directory of home health care agencies. You will be able to search by state for in home care help.

If you are providing home care for retirement age parents, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Having an extra family caregiver can be a huge help. Here are some tips to make sure that everyone is getting the best possible care:

• Make sure that retirement age parents have access to a doctor and other medical professionals regularly. This will ensure that their needs are being met in a timely manner and any health conditions or issues can be addressed quickly.

• Ensure retirement age parents have access to nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day. Good nutrition helps keep retirement age parents healthy and active.

• Maximize physical activity by encouraging retirement age parents to get out of the house every day if they are able. A short walk, hobby, or game can help retirement age parents stay stimulated and engaged.

• Provide retirement age parents with the opportunity to socialize with others. This can be done through retirement home visits, family gatherings, or even a simple phone call. Social interaction is important for retirement age parents’ mental health and well-being.

• Make sure retirement age parents are comfortable in their home environment. Keep their living space uncluttered and make adjustments as necessary so that they feel safe and secure at all times.

By following these tips, you can ensure that retirement age parents receive the best possible care while also making sure everyone involved feels supported and respected. With a little bit of effort, retirement age parents can enjoy a healthy and happy retirement with the help of a family caregiver.

Your friend can learn how to manage inside help. And still has her parents to support her when she feels a need to ask for outside assistance.

Of course.... before having any home health provider come into your home... please take time to read information on what you need to know before you hire in home care. Once In Home Care is Set Up and You Want it to Run Smoothly.

This will give them insight into how to protect and prepare for strangers.. in the house. Your Home Health Care Provider: Your Rules

I will tell you that statistics show that it takes 5- 7 caregivers before you find one that meets your needs. So be patient.

Good luck and good wishes to you and your friend.

Thank you for the opportunity to answer this.

Diane Carbo RN

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