Presidential Campaign Issues for Family Caregivers-Support Caregiver Relief Act

Presidential campaign issues for Family Caregivers is not a topic you hear about.

When we do hear anything about health care, there is a big focus on curing illnesses. For example, the latest endeavor is the “Moon Shot Program to Cure Cancer” . President Obama designated $1 billion dollars to support enhancing research to cure cancer.

Everyday, we see organizations raising money to support a cause that will “cure” an illness. I understand the need for supporting cures, I do. The problem we face is, that no one is addressing the silent crisis of the family caregiver.

I am sure that is has to do with the financial  aspect. Family caregivers have many needs. That costs money. Unlike Big Pharma and many organizations, the family caregiver, has no lobbyists. They have no funds to support politicians to advance our cause.

Family caregivers can change that. The 2015 Caregiving in the US study states "There are 43.5 million adults providing care for another family member that are over the age of 50 years old".

Providing care for children increases the total number of family caregivers in the US to 67.5 million. The unpaid services provided is estimated to be $650 billion dollars a year.

“The value of unpaid family caregivers will continue to be the largest source of long-term care services in the US. The aging population 65+ will more than double between the years 2000 and 2030. Increasing to 71.5 million from 35.1 million in 2000.”, according to the Coughlin, J., (2010). Estimating the Impact of Caregiving and Employment on Well-Being: Outcomes & Insights in Health Management, Vol. 2; Issue 1 report.

As a group, we have the ability to have our voices heard. We are the single, largest pillar of the long term care  system. Without our dedication and support, the long term care system would be overwhelmed. It would also be financially devastated.

Instead, each family caregiver suffers personal losses, while caring for a family member. Help us to affect change and support  family caregiver relief  by sharing your stories. Make our agenda known to the presidential candidates and your Congressman.

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