Meet Sharon Clayton

Sharon Clayton and her mother made the journey from the Midwest to Florida three years after her father's passing. Their lives in the Sunshine State were filled with happiness for a decade, but the tranquil years took a sharp turn when Sharon's mother started exhibiting the initial symptoms of dementia, eventually diagnosed as Lewy Body dementia. Alongside this challenging diagnosis, her mother grappled with a myriad of health complications, progressively becoming more challenging to care for. In a selfless act of love, Sharon made the heart-wrenching decision to relinquish her business and devote herself to providing round-the-clock care.

For fifteen grueling years, Sharon was the pillar of support her mother desperately needed. Her mother's journey came to an end in mid-December 2014, leaving Sharon to grapple with the enormity of her loss. Just a week after her mother's passing, Sharon faced another hurdle—she had to undergo surgery. The road to recovery proved to be arduous, leaving her housebound, much like her caregiving years.

Reflecting on her unwavering dedication, Sharon shares, "My goal was to be there for Mother as long as she needed me, regardless of the sacrifices and toll it took on me. I will never regret that decision. But now, I find myself at a crossroads, pondering where I belong and how I can rebuild my life. It's a small price to pay, and I will always treasure the precious years I shared with my beloved mother."

And in the midst of her journey towards self-discovery and healing, we meet Quincy, Sharon's loyal companion, who remains by her side after a long day of caregiving.