Meet Sharon Clayton

Sharon and her mother left the Midwest for Florida three years after the death of her father.

They shared a happy life there for ten years before her mother began showing the first signs of dementia, which was later diagnosed as Lewy Body. She also had numerous health issues and became difficult to care for over time, which led Sharon to give up her business in order to provide 24/7 care for her.

After 15 difficult years of home care, her mother passed away mid-December 2014.

A week later, Sharon learned she had to have surgery.

Her recovery has been slow and has kept her housebound just as she has been for so many years.

“My goal was to be there for Mother as long as she needed me, regardless of the sacrifice and toll. I wil

l never regret doing that, but now I’m left with deciding where I belong and how I will rebuild my life. It’s a small price to pay, and I will never regret sharing those years with my precious mother.”

Meet Quincy, Sharon’s support and long time companion, after a long day of caregiving!