Meet Fiona LivingWell - Life Coach

As a life coach, I help change the relationships you have with friends and families. I also help change the relationship you have with yourself. Challenging your beliefs and changing your blueprint, you can change your life forever.

I became a certified life coach in 2006 . Became a master practitioner in 2011. I have helped many with their life changing issues including: abuse, self harm, bereavement, low self esteem and career change. I was determined to help others who were struggling to make their dreams come true. Let’s face it, we all have dreams.  My motivation is to help others achieve theirs.

As I understand the challenges that my clients are facing, because I to have been there. I grew up in a very insecure environment, with abusive and violent parents. I thought this was normal behavior and that things didn’t get much better than what I already had. I was constantly being told I should be grateful.

Well, today, I am, I wouldn’t change any of those experiences! Because they have given me the skills I need, to help others to change their lives.

I married young. I was hoping to leave my abusive background behind me.  Sadly that was not the case. Behavioral patterns tend to repeat themselves. Until action is taken to rewrite the blueprint in our brain, history WILL repeat itself.

I had to take a break in 2007 after my 18-year marriage crumbled. My “lovely” husband left me with everything, all the debt, angry clients and an office full of staff. I also had two young daughters’ to feed.

The tragic death of my eldest daughter, Samara, one year later, tested my powers of strength to carry on.

Depression and anxiety ruled my life: tablets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Was this living? I was at this point I decided that things needed to change. I couldn’t continue to live doped up, numbed on medications forever!   At last, I found my reason to change!

I had lost everything. My family, lifestyle, financial security and ended up with nothing.

I’m here today, to prove that despite adversity and tragedy, you, too, have the power to create the life you truly want.

It’s all about choice and knowledge. I chose to carry on, move forward with my life. And, you can too!

Grief is purely a subjective experience that nobody else can completely understand.

The After Life Program will take your hand and help guide you from despair and darkness to a place of peace and light. I would love to hear from you.

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