Meet David Heitz- Journalist, Elder Care Advocate

David Heitz lives in Rock Island, Ill. in the very same house he was brought home to as a baby.

David moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Augustana College in 1992.

His mother died three years later at the age of 53, in the family home where David’s brother, John, cared for her.

Because David’s parents had divorced in 1984, David and his brother inherited the home. When their mom died they decided to sell it.

In 2012, David’s father learned it was for sale and bought it again.

David cared for his father in the home for one year.

His dad has a diagnosis of BvFTD and now lives in a memory care facility. David wishes he could care for his dad at home. Without 24-hour nursing assistance, it could not be possible. A reality he finds heartbreaking.