Meet Claire LeSage: Your Relocation Concierge Services Specialist

Allow us to introduce Claire LeSage, the heart and soul behind our relocation concierge services. Claire is a lifelong resident of the charming small town of Massachusetts, where she has not only lived but also dedicated her entire career.

In 2008, after a fulfilling 17-year journey in the moving industry, Claire embarked on a new chapter by retiring and subsequently founding her company, WITTZ END. Her passion for helping people successfully relocate and set up new beginnings has been the driving force behind her business. Claire's primary mission is to extend her support to senior families during pivotal moments of downsizing and transitioning to new homes.

Through WITTZ END, Claire utilizes her extensive knowledge and expertise to guide families through life-changing crises. She understands the emotional turmoil and challenges that often accompany major transitions. Many of these relocations are prompted by health issues or the loss of a loved one, leaving families feeling as though life is suspended in mid-air. Claire recognizes the importance of making critical decisions during such times, and she is there to provide invaluable assistance.

Claire's own life experiences have served as the foundation upon which WITTZ END was built. She believes in not reinventing the wheel when a proven solution already exists. Claire acknowledges that there are numerous reasons why WITTZ END is essential:

  • If you're in need of decluttering and organizing your home.
  • If you must clear out a family home due to the passing of a loved one or health-related reasons.
  • If you're facing the urgent need to relocate a family member to a safer environment.
  • Or any other challenging scenario that can be equally overwhelming.

WITTZ END is there to transform the experience from one of frazzled stress to dazzling relief. Claire's dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment to helping families navigate these difficult times make her an invaluable partner in the relocation journey. With Claire's assistance, you can confidently transition to the next chapter of your life with care and ease.

Discover the difference that WITTZ END and Claire LeSage can make for you and your loved ones during life's most critical transitions.