Dying Is a Part of Living

Death is a natural part of life that we all must face at some point. In this blog post, the author shares their personal perspective on death and what happens after we die, drawing upon their own experiences and beliefs.

Dying Is a Part of Living

We are all born to die, that is a fact that none of us can change. The bible says that man can live for three score years and ten but with strength can life to four score years. We all know that with modern medicine we can live much longer. We hear all too often of people passing away at a young age. Well before they have even lived properly due to illness or accidents.

When I was young I was very scared of death having lost my own mother whilst I was only 12. She died aged 42. I was terrified to even talk about death and put the thought out of my head. Over the years I have come to understand that dying is an end. One that we must all face at some stage and there is nothing we can do to alter that fact.

I have seen people die in care homes and it was a very moving experience and that at the time seemed surreal. If you talk about dying and your wishes before its too late… then you can plan and make the whole experience how you want it and where you want it. Such as at home or in a care home and who you would want with you.

There is no point in dwelling on the worry side of it as it does not do you any good. Take that from me! Instead you must embrace life to the full and live every day to its maximum.

Do want you want to do in life and go to places that you have always dreamed of. Be what you want to be at all times and be glad for what you have. I work with a lovely lady who has had breast cancer and is just getting on with life.

If you saw her she is full of life and only recently she commented to me that she is on a time scale but doesn’t know how long. She is life itself and personifies ‘living life to the full’. An inspiration to all.

So what happens when we die? A good question. Yes or no?

Unfortunately no one has ever come back to tell us what its like so we will all have to wait to find out for ourselves. Or do we have to wait? I am a firm believer in life after death.

Going back to my dear mum, I know that she is with me as is my father. He passed away aged 83. I have seen mediums over the years that have told me things about me that only I would know. They told me that my mum and dad were present in the room and are with me at all times.

That gives me heart and makes me feel good. I am comforted. I went to a meeting in London many years ago when about 12. People sat round this very large and well-furnished lounge. Someone spoke in a soft voice and the lights were dimmed.

We were asked to relax and close our eyes but not to go to sleep. I felt myself floating in the air for quite sometime and was relaxed and at ease.

When we were bought back, so to speak. The lights were turned on. I was told that my Red Indian guide had taken me on a trip around the square outside the building.

In actual fact I never left the room. My inner spirit left me for a while. I didn’t know that I had a spiritual guide.

He once lived but has come back to serve my cause and look after me along with my parents. I cannot be alone in having a guide and I believe we all have one.

Add also the fact that our departed loved ones are always with us and are there in times of need. I always say to someone who has just lost a loved one that they are right there with them and always will be.

Trying to convince people of my belief is sometimes hard. I am convinced that dying is only another step on the journey of life.

I am not a religious person and am not trying to plug the bible but it’s my own view on life and death. I had a hard time as many did, after 9/11 convincing people that God existed but I believe he does.

What about those taken from us at an early age? Babies, young children, soldiers, or anyone who dies well before their time? I think God has another job for these people in another life.

That’s only my perception and of course I could be wrong. As I have said, no one has actually come back to tell us in person.

So, if asked today whether dying scares me my answer is this. I am only concerned about leaving my loved ones behind.

But I know that I will be watching over them so that thought helps me and I accept what is going to happen.

Finally I would like to touch very briefly again on the subject of talking about dying to your families.

Don’t be afraid to broach the subject and talk about the future with confidence. Try to instill good thoughts into your family and don’t be frightened of what they might think.

It is good practice to let them know of your wishes and desires in old age. And discuss after death such as funeral arrangements etc.

To sum up, life is for living as death. It is just another step in life. These are only my thoughts and maybe I am wrong but I will have to wait to find out.

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