Diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia? A Guide to Dementia Care

Diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia? A Guide to Dementia Care
Diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia A Guide to Dementia Care DCS

This podcast transcript provides a guide to dementia care for individuals diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease. It emphasizes the unique challenges faced by caregivers of younger adults with dementia and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook and staying active. Financial considerations, such as mortgage payments and college loans, may become significant concerns for individuals with young onset Alzheimer's, as they may still have dependents and be in their prime working years. The loss of relationships and changes in behavior and personality can also impact family dynamics and add to the caregiving burden.

The transcript suggests involving children in the experience, educating them about early onset Alzheimer's, and seeking support from school counselors. Financial planning and legal considerations are important, including creating a power of attorney and discussing end-of-life issues. It is recommended to consult an elder care attorney for guidance on Medicaid eligibility, financial matters, and care options. The impact on employment and available benefits, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act and Social Security disability income, is also discussed.

The podcast addresses the challenges caregivers face in providing care, including adapting to changing abilities, ensuring safety at home, and managing difficult behaviors. It emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the safety and well-being of the person with dementia by implementing safety measures and making environmental adjustments. The transcript encourages caregivers to take care of themselves and seek support from counseling, support groups, or online resources like Caregiver Relief. It concludes with practical tips for caregivers, such as avoiding stress triggers, promoting independence, and setting realistic goals.

Overall, the transcript provides guidance and resources for caregivers of individuals with early onset dementia, acknowledging the unique circumstances and challenges they may face. It emphasizes the importance of proactive planning, self-care, and seeking support to navigate the caregiving journey effectively.