Caregiver is Considering Starting a Personal Care Home To Provide Care for Family Members

Discover the essentials of personal care homes and assisted living: intimate settings for daily living support, differences from nursing homes, and the importance of tailored care. Understand how these facilities enhance quality of life for residents with a focus on community and comfort.

Caregiver is Considering  Starting a Personal Care Home To Provide Care for Family Members
Starting a Personal Care Home

Diane from Prescott Valley, AZ, is considering starting a personal care home.

I have a friend that is 74 who needs nursing home care but does not want to live in one.

I have been his caregiver in the past. I would like to find a duplex that he could live on one side and I live on the other to care for him and maybe a roommate.

I don’t know where to start to have a senior care home. Do I need a license?

Can I get paid by the state because he is low income?

Is there a way for me to get paid and him keep his income to use how he wants too?

Any help would be great I live in Prescott Valley, AZ.


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Starting a personal care home is a commendable decision, Diane, and it's great that you're exploring ways to provide personalized care for your friend. Here are some steps and considerations for starting a senior care home in Prescott Valley, AZ:

Licensing and Regulations:

Research State Regulations: In Arizona, personal care homes are typically regulated by the state. You will likely need to obtain a license to operate a care home. This process can involve inspections, adherence to specific regulations, and possibly some training.

Contact Local Authorities: Reach out to the Arizona Department of Health Services or local health department for specific guidelines and licensing requirements.

Financial Considerations:

State Programs and Compensation: Regarding compensation, some states have programs that pay caregivers, especially if the care recipient has a low income or qualifies for Medicaid. Arizona has a program called Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) that might be relevant.

Financial Planning: Investigate whether you can get paid directly by the state for caregiving. You'll need to understand the implications for your friend's income and benefits. Some programs allow the care recipient to hire and pay their caregiver, which could include family members or friends.

Personal care homes and assisted living and board and care homes are under the same licensing

Facility Requirements:

Finding a Suitable Property: The duplex idea sounds practical. Ensure that the property meets any required standards for accessibility, safety, and comfort.

Adaptation for Accessibility: Depending on your friend's needs, you may need to modify the home for better accessibility (e.g., grab bars, wheelchair ramps).

Consult with an Attorney: It’s wise to get legal advice to understand the liabilities and legal requirements of running a personal care home.

Insurance: Consider liability insurance to protect yourself and your business.

Creating a Care Plan:

Assess Needs: Work with healthcare professionals to assess the level of care your friend needs.

Plan Services: Determine what services you'll offer, such as meal preparation, medication management, personal care, etc.

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    Local Resources and Support:

    Seek Local Advice: Connect with local senior care facilities or caregiving support groups in Prescott Valley for guidance and best practices.

    Training and Support: Consider getting training in elderly care, which can be invaluable in providing quality care.

    Business Considerations:

    Business Plan: Develop a clear business plan outlining your services, pricing, operational plan, and marketing strategy.

    Permits and Registrations: Besides a care home license, you might need other business permits and registrations.

    Remember, starting a personal care home is both a business venture and a caregiving service, so it requires careful planning and adherence to various regulations. Best of luck with your endeavor to provide a comfortable and caring environment for your friend and potential future residents.

    FAQs on Personal Care Facilities and Assisted Living

    What is a Personal Care Home?

    A personal care home is a residential facility offering personalized care services to individuals who require assistance with daily activities. These homes provide a more intimate setting, usually housing fewer residents compared to larger facilities, and focus on offering support for activities like bathing, dressing, and medication management.

    Personal Care Homes vs Assisted Living: What's the Difference?

    Personal care homes and assisted living facilities both provide support with daily living activities, but there are differences. Assisted living often offers a broader range of services, including recreational activities and more extensive medical care, and typically accommodates more residents than a personal care home.

    Personal Care Home vs Nursing Home: How Do They Compare?

    The main difference is the level of medical care provided. Personal care homes focus on daily living support without intensive medical care, while nursing homes are equipped to provide comprehensive medical care and have trained medical staff on-site.

    What is the Difference Between Personal Care and Assisted Living?

    Assisted living facilities usually offer a more extensive range of services, including higher levels of medical care, and more amenities compared to personal care homes. Personal care homes are often smaller, providing a more home-like environment.

    Personal Care vs Skilled Nursing: What Should I Know?

    Skilled nursing facilities provide a higher level of medical care than personal care homes. They are suited for individuals who need regular medical attention, rehabilitation services, or have severe health conditions, whereas personal care homes cater to those who require assistance with daily activities but are otherwise fairly independent.

    What Constitutes a Personal Care Community?

    A personal care community is a group of personal care homes or a facility that offers a communal living environment with personal care services. These communities focus on enhancing the quality of life for residents through tailored care and social activities.

    How Does Personal Care Assisted Living Differ from Standard Assisted Living?

    Personal care assisted living specifically refers to the personalized care aspect within an assisted living setting, focusing on individual needs for daily activities. Standard assisted living may offer a broader range of services, including more generalized care and support.

    Is a Personal Care Nursing Home Different from a Traditional Nursing Home?

    A personal care nursing home is similar to a traditional nursing home but with a stronger emphasis on personal care assistance and a more homelike setting. Traditional nursing homes focus more on medical and rehabilitative care.

    Remember, the choice between these types of care depends on the individual's specific needs and the level of medical and daily living support required. Each option offers unique benefits, and it's important to assess which environment and services align best with the needs of the individual.

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