Aging Population Will Benefit

As our aging population grows so to will the growth of the non Medicare home health care agency. This is also known as non skilled home health care

Aging Population Will Benefit
Aging population will benefit from non Medicare Home Care Agency

Will Benefit From This Type of Home Health Care Agencies

As our aging population grows so to will the growth of the non Medicare home health care agency. This is also known as non skilled home health care. According to many surveys of the aging population… it is the goal of 80% of those polled… to remain in their homes, in familiar surroundings. And in the communities they have grown to love as they age.

The aging population… as they confront advancing age, wants peace of mind and help to age in place. They do not want others to determine how they are to be treated and what they should be able to do or where they should go.

The aging population wants to lead fulfilling lives. Planning for tomorrow and living in the present of today.

The non Medicare home care agency (non skilled care) provides everything from:

Grocery shopping

Meal delivery from local restaurants


And assistance with bathing and dressing.

The majority of the aging population does not want to acknowledge they need help. Until a crisis occurs. By then, it may be too late for some. It is important that as we age, we plan and prepare for successfully aging at home.

The cost of home health care for an aging population is not cheap. According to a recent survey done by MetLife… the average price for non Medicare home health care costs about $20 an hour. The cost of an assisted living residence averages about $36,000 a year. A nursing home can be pricey at $77,000 per year or more.

A strategy for successfully aging at home is to consider long term care insurance with a home care rider. It is important that when considering a long term care policy… that you also include cost of living rider as well. Many want to stay in the home as they age and lack of planning and forethought may make this impossible.

Others purchase a long term care policy, but do not include home care or cost of living riders. As we are living longer and healthier lives, we never know when we will need to use the benefits. Take time to investigate long term care insurance with a reputable provider.

Remaining in the home for an aging population is possible with the right support. It is important to discuss what is important to your aging loved one as they age. Approaching this subject early… preferably while your loved one is well and able to discuss their needs and wishes.

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    You will need to assess what is important and focus on those goals for your aging loved one.

    Questions to Ask When You Have a Long Term Care Policy

    Once you have assessed what is important… it is essential to assess the home environment. And make adjustments to that environment as needed.

    Click here to assist you in making the home environment safe. And allow your aging adult the maximum level of independence as they age in their home.

    Home health care for the aging population will vary according to… the needs of each individual. It is important to match the needs of your aging loved one with the appropriate level of service.

    Take advantage of this information to assist you… to identify the level and services that may be needed.

    There is a growth of the non Medicare (unskilled) home health care agency to meet the needs of an aging population.

    Things to consider when you are looking for a non Medicare home health care agency

    Here is a form to download- Questions to Ask a Home Care Agency

    • How do they select and train their employees?
    • Do they perform background checks on all staff?
    • Do they have written personnel policies and procedures?
    • Do they offer a benefits package and mal practice insurance for their employees? This is important because… you are more likely to get dedicated staff with an organization… that supports and invests in their employees
    • Ask if they have ongoing case management. This is important because as the needs of the aging adult changes. So does the level of care that will be required in the home.
    • Do they include the aging adult and the family in developing a plan of care?
    • Is there a written plan of care maintained in the home?
    • How often is the plan of care addressed? And will the family and aging adult be involved with those changes?
    • Do they coordinate other services such as meals on wheel and local transportation services?
    • Do they assign a supervisor that will oversee the quality of care provided by the staff?
    • Who do you call with any concerns, questions, complaints or praises about the staff?
    • is the policy for resolving issues?
    • Is there staff available 24 hours a day seven days a week?
    • Do they guarantee a replacement aide if there is a call out or an aide is not able to meet their commitment?
    • Ask for references. Do not hesitate to request professional as well as customer references. Professional references may be a doctor or hospital social worker that refers to the home health care agency. There is nothing better than speaking with consumers of the services provided. They can give you an insight into their experiences with the organization.

    An aging population demands that the services of a non Medicare home health care agency meet their needs and their wishes to remain at home. The benefits of those services are priceless.

    As people age, they may require help with daily activities or health-related assistance. Non medicare home care agencies provide aging individuals with an opportunity to remain in the comfort of their own homes while receiving the care they need. This concept, known as aging in place, can be extremely beneficial for aging adults who prefer to stay in familiar surroundings rather than move into a nursing home or other facility.

    In addition to providing aging adults with a sense of security, non medicare home care agencies also offer tailored services and around-the-clock support from qualified professionals. From meal preparation and medication reminders to bathing, dressing and mobility assistance, these agencies are equipped to meet all of your loved one’s needs. In some cases, in home health services may even be available to provide individuals with comprehensive medical care.

    Overall, non medicare home care agencies can be a great resource for aging adults who want to stay in their own homes but need access to quality care. With personalized and professional services, these agencies have the potential to truly improve an aging person’s quality of life. Learn more about how non medicare home care agencies can help your loved one today.

    Who pays for non medicare home care agencies?

    Non medicare home care agencies are typically funded through private pay, long-term insurance policies, or in some cases Medicaid. Depending on the services you require and the source of payment, you may have to cover any costs not covered by your insurance provider. It’s important to understand all financial requirements before selecting a non medicare home care agency for yourself or a loved one.

    Explore your options and find out how non medicare home care agencies can help aging adults stay independent at home today.

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