The Grief Recovery Room

The Grief Recovery Room
Grief Recovery
The pain passes, but the beauty remains. - Pierre Auguste Renoir

Welcome to The Grief Recovery Room!

This was created for those that are grieving and have been thrown into tragic circumstances.

Here you will find friendship, understanding and support from others that may be experiencing similar feelings.

You will find comfort and acceptance about your feelings. You may have support from friends and family at home, but still feel alone.

You may have to pretend you are strong and feel as if you must hide your feelings to help other family members through their grief. This leaves you feeling alone, depressed and despaired.

You may also find that those in your life feel you should be "over this", "your lost family member would want you to be happy ". Those close to you, do not know what to say to you any more.

You must forgive them, for they just want things to be the way that they were. They want to avoid any subject that will "upset" you.

You may not want to "burden" anyone with your pain and suffering. You do not want to alienate anyone.

Through my years of nursing, I have learned that people have no problems bearing their souls to strangers. There seems to be a sense of safety to connect to someone that is physically distant, but emotionally intimate.

My years of providing caregiver support on forums, has led me to provide a safe and comfortable environment where you can say the unthinkable, with anonymity, without fear of reprisal from others.

This is a non judgmental forum.