Starting a Personal Care Home

Learn about the process of starting a personal care home in Prescott Valley, AZ and the rules and regulations for these homes. Get advice on how to become licensed, the courses required and how to pay for care.

Starting a Personal Care Home
Starting a Personal Care Home

Diane from Prescott Valley, AZ, is considering starting a personal care home.

I have a friend that is 74 who needs nursing home care but does not want to live in one.

I have been his caregiver in the past. I would like to find a duplex that he could live on one side and I live on the other to care for him and maybe a roommate.

I don’t know where to start to have a senior care home. Do I need a license?

Can I get paid by the state because he is low income?

Is there a way for me to get paid and him keep his income to use how he wants too?

Any help would be great I live in Prescott Valley, AZ.


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This is a great question and one that is asked frequently by many trying to start a personal care home or a board and care home. It may also be known as assisted living in your area. There is a growing trend of small, independently owned personal care homes with less than 6 people in a home. Many baby boomers are finding this a nice alternative to the larger assisted living facilities.

The rules and regulations for these homes will vary from state to state. The licensing and regulations may vary, as well.

I would suggest that you contact your state licensing board for information on what it takes to open a personal care home or board and care home in your area.

There may be a course that is required that you take to become licensed as an administrator for the home as well.

This course will require you to know first aid and CPR and in some states, a small course on how to pass medications may be required.

To maintain this certification, you may be required to have Continuing Education Units every few years.

Of course, every state is different, so it is important that you investigate what is specific to your state.

As far as your friend, is he a veteran? He may qualify for benefits through the Aid and Attendance program that would pay for you to provide care for him at home.

Here’s a link on how to apply for the VA Aid and Attendance Program

Your friend will need to understand that he will always have to pay for care. Even in low income assisted living, a portion of his money is given to him and the rest is given to the facility to provide care for him.

The reality of keeping his entire income to spend as he pleases will not be possible when he needs someone to care for him.

The next avenue I would pursue is to contact the local Office of Aging and explore what the county and state offers as far as aid service in your area.

Thank you so much for your question. Please let us know if you open a personal care home we will advertise it here!

Do not hesitate to ask more questions.

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