Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Caring Slows Cognitive Decline

Learn how mindfulness based stress reduction techniques and a caring approach can help delay cognitive decline in a family member with dementia and improve the caregiver's quality of life. Read this 20 page report for more information.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Caring Slows Cognitive Decline

Did you know that practicing mindfulness based stress reduction techniques  while providing care for your aging family member can benefit you both?

This is not only important for all caregivers that provide care for a an aging family member, it can have an impact on the aging senior suffering from dementia.

This report:  "Caregiver’s Attitude and Approaches Are Critical to Delaying Cognitive Decline -How Your “Caring” Can Make a Difference"

Caring for someone with a family member with dementia presents with serious challenges to the entire family. From the time of diagnosis to death, a person with dementia may live as long as 6 to  20 years. The mental, physical, mental and financial health of the family caregiver is negatively impacted due to chronic stress.

Research has shown that many families want to keep their family member at home, for as long as possible. Studies have consistently shown that the approach to your "caring" can actually delay the admission to a nursing home. This approach decreases caregiver stress.

The studies have investigated interventions that would decrease caregiver burden to help the family caregiver and person with dementia maintain a greater quality of life and physical health.

This 20 page report was written for the family caregiver providing care for the family member with dementia. Recent studies reveal how the family caregivers approach can slow the cognitive decline in the dementia patient.

Many family caregivers worry that they will develop a type of dementia, because their family member has dementia.

This report also reveals how these approaches and strategies that may be beneficial to help to delay or even prevent dementia in the family caregiver.

Read this report and find out what you can do to slow the dementia process.

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