It’s Life Coaching Especially for Caregivers

It’s Life Coaching Especially for Caregivers
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Many caregivers often feel alone in their struggle to care for their spouse or parent. Having little or no contact with people that understand them or what they are going through, caregiving is a solitary struggle. Up until now about the only thing caregivers have right now are Support Groups.

Support groups are great for meeting and talking to people in the same boat. In a support group caregivers can identify with other caregivers, and they can share their experiences and give each other advice.

But most groups meet only once a month, leaving us with a lingering question? So what do I do between groups?

With caregiver coaching, you now have a knowledgeable and understanding person who you can turn to whenever you need or want encouragement or informed feedback. A caregiver coach gives you a calm, objective view on your circumstances, and even a structured plan for improving it.

A caregiver life coach helps you get from where you are in your life now, to where you want to be in the future. A coach helps you figure out what’s working in your life, and weed out the stuff that isn’t working.

It’s time to start living your life to the fullest and to bring more joy into your life

There is big difference between geriatric care management and coaching, and you should not confuse the two. Care managers are professional that focus on how to best handle the needs of your loved one. They are not there for your dark days when you are just at the end your rope. They are not there to make sure you are living your own life’s goals and dreams to their fullest.

Except for a perfunctory “how are you”, a care manager will not be too interested in how well you are meeting your own personal goals.

How Does It Work?

  • Caregiver Coaching starts with an initial interview.
  • The client and the coach get to know one another.
  • We cover everything from your current circumstance to your personal philosophy of life; from your goals or visions, to your limitations.
  • We help you design a support structure and frame our own relationship.
  • It may be that we speak on weekly basis with the option of calling me when you have a need for guidance, or just to vent your frustration, or it may daily contact. It’s all up to you.

Caregiver coaching has brought many caregivers back from the throws of depression and desperation to a renewed sense of joy and purpose.

How Much Does It Cost?

Caregiver Coaching Rates
Initial Interview: $30.00
Thereafter each call is calculated at: $.00 per hour (15 minute increments)

Website Inauguraton Special

One free telephone coaching session up to 30 minutes for the first 90 days our website opening.