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Don't Wait till it is Too Late!  This book could save your life.  The 6th leading cause of death is medical errors.  Don't let this be you!

This is a true story...

The date was August 18, 1988. The frantic call from my father came about 10 am on that warm morning. He had stopped by Grannie’s house to check on her and she was nowhere to be found. My Grandmother was missing. I jumped into my car and went searching on the east side of town while my father and 3 uncles took the other directions.This wasn’t the first time my Grandmother had wandered off. I knew in my heart that the onset of Alzheimer’s had raised its ugly head once again. None of us wanted to face the reality that she needed a caregiver and she would raise her “Irish” if we even suggested it.

By 5pm that evening the police notified us that they had found my Grandmother walking down the main highway. They had taken her to the nearest emergency room at St. Josephs Hospital. She was bruised and bloody. I drove like a maniac to get to the hospital to be by her side.

At the front desk, the nurses tried to calm me down. Then all the questions began.

The nurse explained she needed my help to help my grandma. At first, the normal name and address questions were easy to answer. But then, I was asked questions and had no idea what the answers were.

  • “What’s your Grandmother’s Maiden Name?”
  • “What year was she born?”
  • “What’s her social security number?”
  • “Is she allergic to any medication?”
  • “Is she on any medication now?”
  • “What’s her doctor’s name and phone number?”

This is a downloadable ebook that will walk you through everything that you need to know to be prepared in case of a health emergency.

It’s stressful enough going through any kind of emergency but I did not know the answers to any of these questions… and then it hit home. The answers to those questions could contribute to her treatment right here… right now in the emergency room.

I felt helpless. I didn’t know if my grandmother was on any medication or what she was allergic to.

Why hadn’t I recorded the answers to these questions ahead of time? Knowing that she was 76 years old and one day may not be able to answer for herself?

Surely, there is some place to get that information. My father searched all over her house. My grandmother had hidden her medications as many Alzheimer’s patients tend to hide things. My father was unsuccessful at finding her medications.

Are you like me?  Have you ever had an experience like that?

I’ve come up with a solution and I’m going to share it with you so you’ll never have to go through that kind of gut-wrenching stress.

Diane Carbo photo

Hello. My name is Diane Carbo. As a registered nurse I have become acutely aware of the stress families go through as they take on the role of caregiver for an aging parent or family member.

I see examples like this every day.

Have you found yourself worried that a family member may need to take care of you and your personal business, if you have to be hospitalized?

Do you have all your medical, legal and financial information readily available should you become unable to provide that information yourself?

Are you a family member that is worried about one or both of their aging parents or other family member? Do you know their medical history? What their future care needs may be? Where their legal and financial information is?

Are you on pins and needles worrying about getting a phone call from the hospital telling you that the loved one in your life is in the emergency room?

Did you know that most emergency rooms do not have any access to crucial medical, health, insurance or legal information unless it is provided to them upon admission in the emergency room?

Did you know that the sixth leading cause of death each year, according to the Center for Disease Control, is medical errors?

YES, 120, 000 individuals die each year due to preventable medical errors.

Would you or any of your family members be able to answer all the questions that the medical professionals need to know about all the important information for a medical history?

Have you experienced any allergic reaction to a medication or food that could kill you?

Do you have one or more chronic medical conditions that you are being treated for such as high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, or emphysema?

Do you take medications for any conditions that you are being treated for?

Do you have a family history of cancer, heart attack, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?

If you become seriously ill tomorrow…

Is all your health, legal and medical information recorded and in a safe place?

If it’s one thing I know for sure, it is that the more information available in any emergency the better. Stress, worry and fear affect our ability to remember important things accurately.

The accuracy of that information is of paramount importance. It may be the difference between the life and death of someone you love.

Critical information can help to save your life or that of your loved one

In today’s health care environment, most individuals see a health care professional for their different areas of expertise. For example, many go to a podiatrist to care for their feet, a cardiologistto monitor their heart and blood pressure while seeing an endocrinologist for their diabetes and a lung specialist to monitor their emphysema or asthma.

Medical information is often fragmented. There is little to no communication between health care providers. This allows for gaps in information.

45 day Risk-free guarantee 100% refund if you are not satisfied

  • Allows you and your caregiver to be prepared for any emergency, hospitalization, or doctor visit.
  • Helps avoid the stress and confusion of having to provide the right information from memory and saves time looking for information.
  • Gives every health care provider the information organized in a proper medical format. This will expedite the process of informing your doctors of your medical and mental health history. It will answer many of the doctor’s questions and save valuable time. Also, it will include your wishes in regards to difficult circumstances and the care you would like to receive in an emergency situation.
  • It promotes continuity when there are several caregivers involved. Many have told me that this is their health care resource bible.
  • It can help reduce health care costs by avoiding unnecessary or repeat testing.
  • Will provide all the important information needed in one place so that others can be up to speed quickly.
  • Will allow you and your family members to feel confident and calm and focused on supporting you in a stressful situation knowing that they have important information right at their fingertips.
  • Will save you time, energy and the frustration of having to answer the same questions over and over again.
  • Will keep you from having to remember every surgery and date and year or why it was done.
  • Will keep you form having to remember each medication you’re currently taking and any previous medications that you’ve tried.
  • Will help you track any drug reactions and drug interactions.
  • Will keep family members from having to search for information when they should be by your side to support you and to advocate for you.

Inside Your Health Care Notebook

Personal information
Health Insurance
Medical history
And forms for 12 other very critical categories you will find essential to have a record of

Detailed forms that I have created especially for you that capture every bit of information that medical personnel will need to know.

To save time, energy, and unnecessary stress, you need to have a permanent record of your entire health history, your current medical status as well as the location of important legal and financial documents.

It is often not just the aging individual who needs help

When an emergency strikes, the aging individual’s house and pets, vehicles, and yard all continue to require care and attention. Bills need to be paid. Things need to be repaired as they break down. As a care giver, the tasks of supporting your loved one in their home can be overwhelming at times. Care giving is inconsistent and unpredictable. The role of caregiver can last a few months to over a period of many years. It takes a toll on the caregiver physically, emotionally and at times, financially.

As your loved one’s medical or mental condition changes, so do their needs. Good communication and organization are the keys to things running smoothly, especially during a difficult and stressful time.

It became important to me to be prepared for every possible scenario, whether it was for medical or health reasons or home maintenance and community resources.

How others feel about the Health Care Notebook“Wow Diane this Home Health Care Notebook is very inclusive. It covers all areas of life experience planned and unplanned. A comprehensive notebook that meets and exceeds the state regulations in most areas for Personal Care Homes and Homes for individuals with mental challenges… (My area of work experience.)Since life is what happens while you’re planning for it, this notebook has inspired me to get busy and make plans.I am so happy to have this resource so my family and I will be prepared for any emergency. Like most people my goal is to live and even end my life in my own home.”Beverly Hess
Pittsburgh, Pa

How much is it worth to you to not have to repeat the same information over and over again?

To have confidence that the information is accurate and up-to- date?

How much is your peace of mind worth when you’re able to provide your caregiver all your information in one complete package?

Just provide a copy of the requested information and let the hospital or doctor do the rest.

Providing care for another can become overwhelming. Many do it without the assistance of other family members. What if something happened to the primary caregiver? Who would take over?

Who would provide the accurate information for the care recipient?

Who would have all the important information for you, the caregiver?

Yes, this is something that is important for every member of the family.

Whether you are the aging senior, a family member or an adult providing care for someone else, this will help you be organized and prepared for any situation.

As an extra bonus, I have included inside your ”Health Care Notebook” a list of important questions to ask your doctor and other health care professionals about your medical conditions, proposed tests, and medications.

This information allows you to become an “Educated Health Care Consumer”

How others feel about the Health Care Notebook “I have no idea how I could survive being a single parent, working full time and being the primary care giver of my aging parents, without the help of this easy to read and even easier to use book. As a nurse myself, I thought this process of assisting my parents, would be a breeze. How wrong I was and continue to be, as everyday brings new challenges. All I can say is:”Thank you, Diane, for being there for me and the many others in similar situations.”Carol Hallenbeck RN,BSN

This downloadable guide will give you a head start and assist you in exploring resources for you or your loved one such as Meals on Wheels and the Department of Aging and many more.

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