Caring for Aging Parents: Which Type of Caregiver are You?

There are presently over 50 million Americans providing care for the aging, chronically ill and disabled. There are many different types of caregivers. The family caregiver is the largest pillar of the long term care system.

These caregivers come in various forms, working caregivers, long distance caregivers, and even reluctant caregivers.

Working caregivers


Working Caregivers often have the challenge of working full time to help support their family while providing care for an aging parent. These individuals are often stretched thin financially with the increasing cost of healthcare. They may be able to take advantage of employer-provided Are you working fulltime and providing care for your aging parent? You are a working caregiver.

The Long Distance Caregiver

Perhaps you live miles away from home but still manage to check in regularly via telephone calls, emails or visits when schedule permits – then you are a long distance caregiver. Maybe you feel overwhelmed as the responsibility of caring for your parents has fallen on your shoulders and you are not sure where to start – in this case, you are a reluctant caregiver.

No matter what type of caregiver you find yourself being, there is help available for those that need it. Services such as respite care, home health aides and transportation can be provided to working caregivers so they can continue working while still providing care to their loved one. Long distance caregivers can benefit from technology tools such as video calls and remote monitoring systems that allow them to stay connected with their parents without having to be present in person. Reluctant caregivers have access to resources like support groups and counseling, which can provide guidance on how to cope with the stress of caregiving.

Support for Caregivers

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