We Need Family Caregiver Health Care - Please Share Your Story

As the largest group of long-term care providers in the country, it is vital that we, as family caregivers, have our needs and issues heard at the White House Aging Conference. Let's bring much-needed attention to the health and well-being of family caregivers.

We Need Family Caregiver Health Care - Please Share Your Story

Family Caregiver Health care is needed and is part of the movement to get on the agenda for the White House Aging Conference in 2015. This is a conference is held every 10 years and it is the conference that develops, plans and shapes  public policy for the future.

This group will not meet for another 10 years.

It is vital that we, as family caregivers get on the agenda and be heard about the needs and issues we face everyday. After all, we are the largest group of long term care providers in the country.

This page has been created to collect information on your health status. Caregivers suffer from chronic stress, physical strain and experience a higher incidence of depression than the average population.

Many caregivers do not take the time to attend to their own health care needs. Many are without insurance, as they have left jobs to provide care for their aging family member.

As part of the Caregiver relief act we are collecting stories related to your health issues and concerns.

We are asking that there be Medicare inclusion of monitoring the caregiver, as well as their aging family member.

In order to show the need for this service, please share YOUR health care issues, how you have been physically and emotionally affected by providing care for your family member.

If you know a family caregiver that has had negative health affects of providing care or has even died, we would love to have you share that story as well.

Write a post on what having caregiver health care would mean to you.

Address the things that would make a difference in your caregiving journey regarding your health care needs. If you are not shy about your age, it would be most helpful to include your age and that of the family member or members you may be taking care of on this caregiving journey.

Now is your chance to have your say. Share your unique point of view!

PLEASE NOTE: This page is intended to provide an outlet for people that are providing and advocating for an aging senior in their life. It is not intended as a replacement for legal, medical or professional advice.

Want to express  yourself?

Do it here!

You’re probably not alone–your personal experience could resonate with other readers on this site. Share your stories, ask your questions, rant, rave or stomp your feet!

No profanity or flames please this is a Family Friendly site.

Either way, we’d love to hear from you!

You don’t need to be a professional writer – all you need is the desire to share an experience or ask others for help with a situation or question. Â I love to hear stories of your family member and your situation .

So, please, share a few pictures of yourself or your family member. Â

Here are a few things you should know about sharing with Care Giver Relief.com :

If you are sharing a story, please make it about your caregiving experience, your family member that you are taking care of, or about any situation related to support services (good and bad), difficulties with insurance, concerns about alternative placement , such as a Nursing home or Assisted Living and tips on caregiving.

Remember, sharing your experience will help others with similar situations.

When it comes to a question, a little bit of information about your situation would be most helpful. You do not have to follow the amount of content rule.

Here’s what we would not publish: No affiliate or commercial links please, no thinly disguised advertorials, no stories that have been published elsewhere, and no sales pitches for products or businesses. I’ve let a few through in the past – those links will be deleted in the coming weeks so please don’t bother sending any more in.

If you are sharing a story, according to Google rules and article must have between 300-700 words. Less is too short for a page, and longer is just… too long.Â

Don’t forget to provide a link to your personal website or blog so we can link back to you!

Try to include at least one photograph (it really does make a story come alive) but no more than four. Tell us what’s in each picture.

 Don’t forget to include your full name and email so I can get back to you if I have any questions. Y

One more thing:

I’ll do everything I can to publish your story but sometimes I get submissions that simply don’t make the cut – because they don’t follow the guidelines. I can’t reply individually but if your piece doesn’t appear soon after you submit it, chances are it doesn’t meet requirements.

So please, read the above carefully – and hit that keyboard. The rest of us can’t wait to read your post