Respite Care Facility for Alzheimer Patients

Learn about respite care options for non-terminal Alzheimer's patients in Milwaukee County and how to pay for it, including family caregiver contracts and private pay options.

Respite Care Facility for Alzheimer Patients


Are there any facilities in Milwaukee County where an Alzheimer’s person not diagnosed as terminal can be placed temporarily for 5-7 days? They are not Medicaid eligible. I would need to know cost also.




There are facilities that will take a non-terminal Alzheimer’s patient and provide care for just a few days.

This is called respite care. So many caregivers need and want a break. If you have the funds, the facility will be willing to work with you on addressing your family members needs.

Sadly, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover respite care of a family caregiver. Those services are provided on a private pay basis.

In your case, your family member presently does not qualify for Medicaid. This could be part of the spend down process, to qualify for Medicaid in the future.

I am going to take the opportunity to recommend you look into a family caregiver contract. This is a good way to get paid for providing care, while spending down to qualify for Medicaid.

-Diane Carbo, RN