Beware of the Anti Aging Supplements Craze, What They Do Not Want You to Know

Discover the facts about anti-aging supplements, from natural remedies to risky options. Learn about the potential risks and benefits, and how to age gracefully without buying into the anti-aging craze.

Beware of the Anti Aging Supplements Craze, What They Do Not Want You to Know
Anti Aging Supplements

The Truth about the Anti Aging Supplements Craze

In our appearance-obsessed culture, the anti aging supplements and products business is booming. Commercials, infomercials, testimonials and advertisements abound… with products that claim to turn back the clock and defy one’s age.

The anti-aging industry is currently pulling in around $80 billion a year. It is clear that there is money to make in the anti-aging industry.

Anti-aging skin care regimens promise to give you decades-younger skin. Injections claim to help you regain your youth, the hype abounds. Is there any truth to the anti aging supplement craze or is it all just propaganda?

The Truth

The irrefutable truth is … that no anti aging skin care products will make a 60-year-old look like a 20-year-old. And no anti-aging products will ensure you live forever. After that, it is a matter of opinion mixed with proven and dis-proven research, and a lot of hype.

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Natural Anti-Aging Remedies

Vitamin C is a natural anti aging supplement. It is a powerful antioxidant. As is Vitamin E.

Both of these antioxidants, along with others, … are found in fresh fruits and vegetables. They help keep our bodies fighting free radicals. Foods high in antioxidants help keep our bodies healthy and disease-free.

Some of the best antioxidant sources include:

Certain Berries


Many fruits and vegetables



Some herbs and spices


and having a healthy dessert.

We will find out what these may be in future articles. A healthy diet is one of the greatest tools in keeping your body and skin young beyond their years.

Have more questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Question section of the website. You will find a lot of different questions answered directly.

One of the greatest sources of free radicals is the sun. Wearing sunscreen to block the UV rays that cause free radicals will keep skin looking healthy and younger as we age. And helps prevent skin cancer.

Research is proving that daily exercise. Helps slow the aging process. And helps people maintain cognitive abilities as well.

The higher the fitness level is increased, the more improved the mental processes will be as we age, as well.

Aging and exercise should be a first line of defense in the aging gracefully and healthy aging.

Other Anti Aging Products

Not all anti-aging products are as natural as antioxidants, or as safe.

Among the more controversial anti aging supplements are.

  • Human growth hormone (HGH)
  • DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone, an endogenous hormone)
  • Hormone replacement therapy, including testosterone and estrogen injections. These options come with a high price tag, as well.

HGH, DHEA, testosterone and estrogen occur naturally in the body.

They are used to safely treat patients for certain ailments and health problems.

Use as an anti-aging supplement, however, carries many risks. These may outweigh the potential benefits.

Benefits that have yet… to be proven.

HGH, for example, comes with a myriad of negative side effects that include:

Insulin resistance

Excessive water retention

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Thyroid damage

Liver damage

Premature death

Heart enlargement

DHEA is a substance banned by many collegiate and professional sports teams.

Side effects include:


Hair loss

High blood pressure

And, in women, changes in menstrual cycle, increased facial hair growth and a deeper voice.

Aging Gracefully

Many people choose to age gracefully… instead of buying into the anti aging supplements craze. They want to avoid the potential risks associated with it.

Accepting the natural stage of life. Living a life of purpose as you age gives a sense of fulfillment that no anti-aging cream can give.

Avoid associating the negative stereotypes of aging with yourself and others. The old saying “You’re as young as you feel” is as true as you want it to be.

Take up meaningful hobbies. Engage in enjoyable activities with people who are important to you.

Growing older brings many positives to your life, and it’s best to embrace who you have become, wrinkles and all.

Many will take this course, but many will also fight tooth and nail to fight the appearance of aging. Are there any anti aging products out there worth looking into? We will explore this too.

Why Do We Fear Aging?

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